Happening now: High Point neighbors build their playground

Today’s the day – and after a week of clouds, they’re graced with sun. High Point neighbors, with KaBOOM! and the Windermere Foundation, are building their new playground at Bataan Park. Smiles all around as signups began:

We spotted West Seattleite and The Mountain radio personality Marty Riemer digging in, too:

If you remember (or were part of) the playground project in Delridge two years ago, you’ll remember that KaBOOM! team members come dressed for success:

We’ll check back later today. It’s only been two months since High Point got word the playground would be built (this was the second time they’d applied to get one); the grand opening is planned for next Tuesday.

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  • MrsL September 23, 2011 (5:52 pm)

    King 5 had great coverage of this event at 5:45pm today. Is there ANY way to view the newsclip online? Please?

    • WSB September 23, 2011 (5:56 pm)

      if it’s on their website, I’ll add it to the followup story I’m putting up shortly, Patrick got some pix literally as they were putting up the fences. But I assume you’ve already checked their site – if it’s not there, I don’t have any more access to it than you do, and they usually don’t turn things around that soon after broadcast. If it turns up later in the evening, I will add it to the pix I’m putting up – TR

  • MrsL September 23, 2011 (7:02 pm)

    Thank you WSB. I can’t find it on the King5 website. When I run a search on “playground” the link to the WSB (this story) pops up. I’m hoping to find the actual TV coverage. Thanks.

    • WSB September 23, 2011 (7:20 pm)

      Only one other thing, so you don’t spend your whole night searching: Did a reporter put together the story (as in, “KING 5’s Owen Lei has the story” and Owen’s voice is heard, etc.)? If not, and if it was “only” something the anchors read – with their voices behind video and then maybe a few soundbites with people on the scene – it’s less likely to turn up online; TV stations tend to only put “packages” online. There’s no automatic system to just put EVERYTHING they do online (though there should be!) so they put their resources into the longer stories. Hope this was one of them, wish we could have spent more time out there but it was a crazy day … TR

  • Denise Sharify September 23, 2011 (8:01 pm)

    It was an amazing day!!! A big Thank You to KaBoom Foundation, big Thanks to Seattle Housing Authority, a big Hand to the 120+ High Point residents and friends. And most of all, a huge THANK YOU to Windemere Foundation for your generosity and all your wonderful staff for taking the day off to help build the playground in one day. Neighbors, come by Tuesday at 4:30pm for the opening.

  • LeahP September 23, 2011 (9:07 pm)

    Great teamwork! As posted in the King5 Photos section of king5.com: http://www.king5.com/news/slideshows/Rome-not-built-in-a-day-but-West-Seattle-playground-was–130483323.html?gallery=y&c=y&ref=%2F

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