New event coming up in West Seattle: ‘Fall Food Swap’

September 30, 2011 9:42 am
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Jill from Seattle Swappers just sent word that her group’s Fall Food Swap will be in West Seattle, 2-4 pm at High Point Neighborhood Center (6400 Sylvan Way). It’s free, but you’ll need a ticket, and there’s a limited number available. Full announcement (and ticket link) ahead:

Come exchange your homegrown and homemade delicacies with members of the High Point neighborhood and the greater Seattle community.

Here’s what you need to know:

-Bring one or more homemade, homegrown, or foraged FOOD items, such as home-canned vegetables and fruits, pickles, jams, chutneys, jellies, vinegars, sauerkraut, cheeses, breads, cakes, starters, honey, granola, homegrown herbs and vegetables, foraged foods, handmade sausages, backyard eggs, soups, spreads,you name it! Please note this is an Alcohol free swap.

-Bring samples for others to try. It’s hard to know if you want to swap if you can’t try it!

-Bring a list of ingredients for all your foods, if possible, and be able to denote any special dietary restrictions – gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, refined sugar-free, nut-free, when asked.

-Bring a lot of one item, or a few of several items. You decide. The more you bring, the more goodies you’ll likely take home.

-Please package/wrap your food so that it’s swap-ready. Make sure that the amount you are swapping is clear. We encourage reusable, recyclable packaging whenever possible.

-Please be sure to practice good food-safety standards. We don’t want anyone getting sick because something was sitting out too long when it should have been refrigerated. Take precautions to adequately protect your food while it is in transport, and while it is at the swap, if needed (i.e. a cooler).

-We will provide swapping cards, name tags, writing utensils, and other necessary materials for the event. Swap will be held in a silent-auction format, and you will be free to choose which trades to accept for your products.

Here’s how our Swaps work:

-We spend the first hour looking over and sampling one another’s goods. When you see something you want, write your name on the card next to the items you want, along with what you’re offering to swap in exchange.

-After an hour, it’s swap time! You find the people on your card, via their name tags, that have offered something you want. Then you swap! -What’s a “fair swap”? It’s up to you. The cards are just a starting point for conversation. If you’re not interested in swapping with someone who wants to swap with you, then there is nothing stating that you have to. It’s perfectly acceptable to politely decline an offer.

You must present a ticket at the event in order to attend the swap. 1 ticket per person. Adults only. (Get yours here)

For more information please visit

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