Also tomorrow: Pitch in at Delridge’s Recovery Garden

An update tonight from Tasha Mosher about tomorrow’s work party at the Recovery Garden in North Delridge: She says that staff from the Downtown Emergency Service Center, including its executive director Bill Hobson, are expected to join in; Tasha says she invited DESC to participate after hearing that they wanted to get more involved with the community, since they are proposing building a 75-unit apartment building here for chronically homeless people dealing with issues including substance abuse and/or mental illness, and she says it’s a chance for community members to come chat with them one on one – while of course working in the garden: “We will be spreading mulch over the areas we didn’t cover at the last cleanup. We might also spread burlap and wood chips. And of course, we will be doing some light weeding where little tenacious plants have popped back up.” 10 am-2 pm. The garden is at 26th/Brandon (here’s a map). Tasha says gloves and tools will be provided, but if you have a last-minute question, e-mail her:

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  • RecoveryGardener August 27, 2011 (4:40 pm)

    Today’s cleanup was a success – getting burlap and wood chips laid. We should be able to hold the weeds at bay for a while thanks to the work done by volunteers from Perinatal Treatment Services and the Downtown Emergency Service Center. Both groups have taken great pride in seeing progress made in the park. Thanks! –Tasha

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