West Seattle Grand Parade countdown: The Orville Rummel Trophy goes to … Cindi Barker!

Tonight, you’ll find Cindi Barker at the quarterly meeting of the Morgan Community Association, in her role as information coordinator. Like many leadership positions in neighborhood councils, it’s an unsung-hero role – no glamour, no glory, no pay, lots of hard work. But last night, as much as she shies from the limelight anyway, Cindi was in it for a brief moment at intermission of the West Seattle Hi-Yu Concert in the Park, as West Seattle Grand Parade co-coordinator Dave Vague (above left) presented her with the Orville Rummel Trophy for Outstanding Service to the Community, which she’ll carry in Saturday’s parade:

We wrote about the award’s history last year, after WSB was announced as its 2010 recipient. Parade-hosting American Legion Post 160 has presented it each year since 1984, a half-century after its namesake, then-Post Commander Orville Rummel, founded in 1934 what was originally called the Hi-Yu Parade.

Cindi works as a manager in Boeing’s 777 program, and spends copious hours of her “free time” in community volunteer work. Perhaps her most visible current role is with West Seattle Be Prepared, the groundbreaking neighborhood-preparedness effort that for the past three-plus years has set the bar for other parts of the city, setting up volunteer-led “neighborhood hubs” that will help coordinate communication and calls for help if the unthinkable ever happens. Below, Cindi is at left with Sharonn Meeks during a “hub” drill last fall:

Cindi’s history as a volunteer in community service goes back more than a quarter-century, including advisory committees such as the citywide Parks Levy Oversight Committee and the local Southwest Precinct Advisory Committee, neighborhood-planning roles with the City Neighborhood Council as well as MoCA – a long list of committees and roles with detail-oriented work whose results will last for years – the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-dig-into-the-details work that is particularly unglamorous, since you can’t point to a specific project and say “I did that!” (not that Cindi would anyway). She also has worked with youth, mentoring the Robotics Club at Chief Sealth International High School for several years. And she helped found Boeing Women in Leadership almost a decade ago.

After she accepted the award last night, we asked for her reaction. “Very cool!” she said – then quickly adding, “Nothing happens without everyone else” – in other words, no matter what you’re coordinating or leading, you can’t do it unless there are others to pitch in. Exactly what you would expect to hear from Cindi, whom we first met when WSB began to focus on community news more than four years ago. She’s practical but also resolutely cheery, no matter how tough the task. So look for her winning smile toward the start of the parade route (California SW from Lander to Edmunds) on Saturday morning, starting at 11 am, and give her a cheer. The unsung heroes have so few chances to receive one. She’s been in the parade before – appropriately enough, with an entry honoring volunteers.

After the jump – the full list of Orville Rummel Trophy winners, from 1984 through Cindi:

1984: Charles and Ann Gage
1985: RB Chris Crisler Jr.
1986: Morgan and Carol McBride
1987: Margaret Miaullis
1988: Charles Jung
1989: Aurlo Bonney
1990: Katie Thorburn
1991: Dorothy Poplawski
1992: Dan Wiseman
1993: Virgil Sheppard
1994: Dorene Smith
1995: Doris Richards
1996: John Kelly
1997: Dick Kennedy
1998: Jim Edwards and Barbara Edwards
1999: Lt. David E. Cass
2000: Husky Deli/Miller Family
2001: Stephanie Haskins
2002: Forest Lawn
2003: Sue Lindblom
2004: Edgar and Ann Phipps
2005: Karen Sisson
2006: Walt DeLong
2007: David and Doreen Vague
2008: Tim St. Clair
2009: Morey Skaret
2010: West Seattle Blog
2011: Cindi Barker

11 Replies to "West Seattle Grand Parade countdown: The Orville Rummel Trophy goes to ... Cindi Barker!"

  • westseattledood July 20, 2011 (10:21 am)

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

    Thanks Cindi for all of your outstanding contributions. You are a rock star and truly deserve this communities’ appreciation.

  • Teri Ensley July 20, 2011 (11:27 am)

    Congrats Cindi. As westseattledood stated, You Rock!

  • Sebastian July 20, 2011 (11:43 am)

    Congratulations Cindi! You deserve this award and much more.

  • Sharonn July 20, 2011 (12:54 pm)

    Cindi Barker is simply an outstanding woman and I’m delighted that she is being recognized for years of hard work and thought provoking ideas.

  • miws July 20, 2011 (2:12 pm)

    Congrats, Cindi!



  • Pete July 20, 2011 (4:11 pm)

    As you drive through any part of West Seattle you unknowlingly are driving by things that have Cindi’s fingerprints all over them. We are darn lucky to have Cindi living in our neighborhood. Congrats Cindi this award is well deserved for all of the tireless hours you have given to make our West Seattle neighborhoods a better place. See you at a meeting soon I am sure.

  • chas redmond July 20, 2011 (5:59 pm)

    Super congrats Cindi – you should cheat and drink a toast out of the trophy while you have it.

  • shane July 20, 2011 (6:42 pm)

    Congrats Cindi!!!!! Much Deserved

  • Katy Walum July 21, 2011 (8:08 am)

    Hooray for Cindi! Thank you for all you do.

  • Deb Greer July 21, 2011 (10:22 am)

    Congratulations Cindi!! I too am delighted to see Cindi recognized for all of her contributions to the West Seattle community. We are a better community because of the work Cindi has done over the years. Glad to know you!

  • kgdlg July 21, 2011 (2:03 pm)

    I feel so lucky to work closely with Cindi and be constantly learning from her. She is an amazingly skilled neighborhood activist and advocate. We are so lucky to have her in Morgan. I could name dozens of projects off the top of my head that would not have been possible with out her sustained efforts! Thank you and congrats Cindi!

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