Village Green Perennial Nursery bank battle in Seattle Times

With a nod to the original WSB story, Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur tells the tale of Village Green Perennial Nursery owner Vera Johnson‘s bank battle to fight off foreclosure. (Note that when Brodeur contacted Bank of America, she got the same kind of conflicting answers Vera reported.) Our story from Tuesday is here; you can sign Vera’s online petition here.

6 Replies to "Village Green Perennial Nursery bank battle in Seattle Times"

  • Mike July 15, 2011 (12:03 am)

    I think it’s time to get involved. If Vera has not contacted the State Attorney General’s office yet, I suggest she do so. Nothing scares these banks more than losing millions in lawyer fees over a much smaller loan amount. Stick it to them, make the bank do their job.

  • Amanda July 15, 2011 (7:54 am)

    I hope this story goes national. All the way to Congress so they can see what’s actually happening. Be a little less self absorbed and egomaniacial.

  • lina July 15, 2011 (8:10 am)

    go vera go! we love you and your sweet nursery!

  • Magpie July 15, 2011 (10:14 am)

    Read some of the comments in the Times. I am confident that she will get through this. So many are pulling for her. I’m sure the folks at B of A are looking for a way for this to go away ASAP. Maybe someone high enough up at Bank of America will take the reign so this nightmare can be over for Vera and her family.

  • Lynn July 16, 2011 (3:15 pm)

    I too am a victim of B of A tactics in having my application for a loan modification denied after I tried to refinace and sell my property. I have 8 months of documentation on all the communication with B of A representatives. Depending on the time and day I called, the answers were always different, telephone appointments were never kept. I could go on and on as I am sure hundreds of others in the same situation like me could.
    I contacted the AG office only to be told there was nothing they could do.
    I agree that it is time to organize our efforts and contact out representatives in Congress and let it be known how B of A and other banks are treating and dealing with those in need of help in keeping their homes and applaud and support Vera’s efforts.

  • Ken July 29, 2011 (6:23 am)

    It is a shame Vera doesn’t give us the whole story . Maybe she should sell her rental next door to help out with her financial woes. But it is typical for people who will not take responsibility for their situation and look for a scapegoat to solve their problems. It seems ad though she is a capable person and could sell her two houses ,rent somewhere and get a job.

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