Help beautify Boren – and discourage tagging vandalism

(WSB photo from June 4th)
Last month, a small, spirited group of volunteers spent a sunny Saturday morning at Boren School on Delridge, painting the backs and sides of mural panels that will go up around the closed campus to both beautify it and discourage tagging vandalism. Now, Pete Spalding (who’s at left in our photo) says, your help is needed to finish the work so the murals can be put up. You don’t need artistic talent – just a little time to lend to the work. 9 am July 30th (one week from this Saturday); e-mail Pete at so he knows how many people might show up.

3 Replies to "Help beautify Boren - and discourage tagging vandalism"

  • Pete July 19, 2011 (7:43 am)

    this is a great event for your kids that might need to accumulate some volunteer hours.

  • sundown and all is not well July 19, 2011 (7:36 pm)

    boren, the school that won’t die, or come back to life. meanwhile, back at the ranch, the bandages are applied to windows only to be blood soaked through and through soon enough. if the bandages aren’t painted, the walls will be:-(

  • I heart Delridge July 20, 2011 (10:58 pm)

    I think this is a nice effort, and yet, I wish the energy that was put into this project could be directed into transforming the Boren School into something actually useful to North Delridge neighbors…

    like encouraging the school to be sold so it could become a market or provide other much needed services to neighbors.

    Do we really want to encourage this large piece of real estate to sit vacant, prettied up or not? And, I am thankful for the effort. Don’t get me wrong, I just think that there could be a better way to improve Delridge than to paint over a long-standing chronic non-contribution to the neighborhood.

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