Election 2011: Candidates mingle at The Hall at Fauntleroy

Politics can have its moments of levity. Seattle City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen and West Seattle political activist Chris Porter had one Wednesday night during the candidates’ reception/mixer at The Hall at Fauntleroy co-sponsored by the Greater Seattle Business Association and West Seattle Chamber of Commerce. It’s the first of two pre-election events with which the Chamber is involved this month – the next one is the tunnel-related Referendum 1 forum that it’s presenting a week from tonight (6 pm July 21st, West Seattle High School, two reps from each side, with your editor here as moderator). More photos after the jump:

Disclaimer: The photos we are publishing here do not represent everyone who was there – this was a mingle-and-mix event, no speeches, no presentations. So we caught people as we saw them. Above, Councilmember Tim Burgess and his Position 7 challenger David Schraer posed together (they’re not on the August 16th ballot, since they’re the only ones in that race). We also caught up with West Seattle Chamber CEO Patti Mullen talking with King County Councilmember Joe McDermott (who will be on the 8/16 ballot along with Diana Toledo and Goodspaceguy):

The busiest Seattle city race on the August ballot will be City Council Position 1 – we didn’t find Councilmember Jean Godden while we were there (again, she may have been there earlier or later) but did find her three challengers:

That’s Maurice Classen (at left, with Port Commissioner John Creighton); next, Bobby Forch:

And West Seattle’s Michael Taylor-Judd:

You’ll also see Position 9 on the August ballot – we didn’t see candidate Fathi Karshie, but did catch up with the two others on the ballot – incumbent Sally Clark:

And at right in the next photo, Position 9 challenger Dian Ferguson:

School Board and Port candidates were there too. Next place you can listen to them all pitch for your vote and answer your questions in West Seattle is a community-volunteer-organized forum on July 28th at South Seattle Community College‘s Brockey Center, starting with an ice-cream social at 6:30 pm, followed by candidates/reps on behalf of just about every race/issue on the ballot.

8 Replies to "Election 2011: Candidates mingle at The Hall at Fauntleroy"

  • DF July 14, 2011 (8:22 am)


    • WSB July 14, 2011 (9:20 am)

      DF, Chris isn’t a politician. He’s a local health-care provider who happens to be active with the 34th District Democrats; as far as I know he’s never held public office nor is he seeking it … TR

  • Melissa July 14, 2011 (9:51 am)

    I had no idea of Chris’ involvement w/the Dems. All I knew was that he showed tremndous care and sweetness going out of his way to let us into the clinic where he works (when it was closing) and cleaning the gravel out of the cuts on my little girl’s nose after her bike crash. The man’s a mensch.

    I’m glad now to discover that he’s active w/the 34th Dist Dems.

  • John July 14, 2011 (12:03 pm)

    Chris may or may not be a Dem. Last night’s event was sponsored by GSBA and the West Seattle Chamber (all parties welcomed). I know the 34th Dist Dems hold their monthly meetings at the same place, but totally non-partisan event last night. More of the candidates just showing support for the GLBT community through participation in a meet and greet.

    • WSB July 14, 2011 (1:36 pm)

      I noted in comments earlier, when somebody referred to him in the context of the lead-off photo as a “politician,” that he is an active 34th District Democrats member. We have covered 99% of their meetings for the past three years or so and he is a fixture – TR

  • chris Porter July 14, 2011 (4:58 pm)

    Yes I am fully involved with the 34th Dems and have no desire – what so ever- to hold public office. I remain committed to the health and wellness of West Seattle. Thanks for the clarification Tracy.

    Chris Porter ARNP

  • DF July 15, 2011 (9:53 am)


  • DF July 15, 2011 (9:53 am)


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