West Seattle development revs up: 2 more projects on deck

springhill.jpgAnother long-dormant project is apparently about to get going again: the south-of-Junction 91-unit building called Spring Hill – no relation to the restaurant – by its previous developer, BlueStar (also the original developer of The Hole). BlueStar is long out of the picture and the site has been bank-owned for a while, and up for sale since 2009; our last update was in early 2010. Now, Paragon Real Estate Associates announced on its website that the site’s been sold to someone who wants to “break ground as soon as possible,” since the project passed Design Review 3 years ago and already has its land-use permit (though construction permits aren’t finalized, according to city online records). We’re still working to find out who bought it.

We discovered the 5020 California SW sale thanks to Jodee, who had e-mailed to point out another West Seattle item on the Paragon website, an Avalon Way sale described as a future 100-unit apartment complex. Actually, 117 units, according to an initial DPD entry for 3261 Avalon Way, one of the addresses that Paragon includes in its info about the sale. The buyer is Redmond-based CD Heritage LLC.

5 Replies to "West Seattle development revs up: 2 more projects on deck"

  • clark5080 June 21, 2011 (3:14 pm)

    Now if we can only get something concrete happening with the hole.

  • coffee June 21, 2011 (8:29 pm)

    So is the Bridge ok or is that building part of this development area?

  • LB June 22, 2011 (7:43 am)

    The Bridge should be ok as 3261 Avalon Way is east of there.

    Is it known when the apartment building at 35th & Avalon will be completed? It seems like it’s taking a very long time to finish it.

    • WSB June 22, 2011 (9:04 am)

      LB – it was stalled for a long time because its previous owner, Mastro Properties, got involved in a big financial scandal (followed by financial ruin). It was purchased sometime back (we reported that here) and the new owner, an Eastside company, restarted work. We’re working to find out the timetable – work has intensified lately including utilities, so they have to be getting closer. Regarding the Bridge’s site; for one, the zoning proposals would not necessarily change EXISTING operations, as has been the case in The Junction; many of the core business sites have been zoned for relatively tall buildings for a decade, but until a property owner decides to redevelop, that’s just a background factoid, albeit one not everyone’s aware of. But there WAS a development proposal for that site just a couple years ago, before the boom went bust. Obviously it didn’t go through, but that site too already is zoned for more than it holds – TR

  • LB June 22, 2011 (1:03 pm)

    I guess I should’ve mentioned when I said it seemed like it was taking a long time to finish it I was referring to the length of time it was supposed to take (6 months according to a newspaper article) to complete it after work had restarted.

    On an unrelated sidenote, Avalon Place is opening next month (according to the Transitional Resources website).

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