Video: Solar Ambassador’s summer-solstice sunset success:

After the summer-solstice sunset, West Seattle’s own NASA Solar System Ambassador Alice Enevoldsen offered her traditional explanation of solstices and equinoxes – as you’ll see in our video, above. But the evening’s suspense at Solstice Park (east of north Lincoln Park) preceded that. Would the sun finally appear for one of Alice’s quarterly viewing events, after a streak of 8 without the sun?

The answer: Yes! And at this point, we’re going to cheat and use a photo shared by JayDee from upper Alki, better than any we captured featuring the setting sun:

Back to Solstice Park – the suspense then became, would the setting sun on solstice night line up with a particular stone, as it was intended to?

Alice polled those on hand. No consensus. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t – although if it didn’t, it was close.

Speaking of “those on hand,” at its peak, we counted close to a hundred people, spread out across the berms and slopes of the hillside park:

Those who came to watch spanned a wide age range – from Alice’s 2-month-old daughter, on up. And Alice cheerily invited them all to come back in 3 months for the fall equinox. That’ll be September 23rd – mark your calendar now! And in the meantime, keep an eye on Alice’s website,

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  • Alice June 22, 2011 (1:47 pm)

    Thanks for the great coverage WSB! I know you guys are responsible for a big portion of the record turnout that we had.

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