Reader reports: Stolen truck to watch for; odd encounter

Two reader reports tonight – one a stolen truck to keep an eye out for, the other, another encounter that left someone “creeped out” – read on for both:

From Alder:

My husband’s truck was stolen from our house last night. It was parked in front of our house near Arbor Heights Pool. The vehicle is a 2001 navy blue/gray Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel. The truck was last seen parked in front of our house the evening of Tuesday, June 27th. The truck has a car seat and new rims and tires. It was full of garbage as we were planning on making a trip to the dump. We have filed a report with Seattle Police Department and have notified our neighbors to keep their eyes open for suspicious activity. Thank you

From E:

My friend and I were just finishing skating and had taken off our skates, etc. There was a guy parked across the street from the concrete semi circle at Harbor Ave., right where the paved trail begins. I had gotten in my car and left and my friend was in hers turning around. The guy in the parked car told her he worked for a pie company and offered her a pie in his car. She left immediately and said she was really creeped out by the experience. She did not get his license number but offered this description:

-Middle aged male with gray hair and no facial hair
-Driving a very old Ford wagon, light blue.

E’s friend planned to report it to the police.

2 Replies to "Reader reports: Stolen truck to watch for; odd encounter"

  • Norm June 30, 2011 (11:00 pm)

    I saw a guy last week @ Junction True Value trying to sell pies. Seemed like a nice enough guy. The pies looked amazing. I’m just not in to buying pie from a stranger in a hardware store no matter how good they look.

  • Alder July 5, 2011 (8:16 am)

    My husband’s truck was found in the garage of an abandoned house near the Burien/SeaTac border. The motor was completley taken apart and it appears the parts were being sold for cash.

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