Zippy’s Giant Burgers really is open now in White Center

For the “won’t believe it till we see it” contingent – this photo is proof, Zippy’s Giant Burgers is indeed open for business in White Center (9614 14th SW).

ADDED 12:25 PM: More scenes from (re)opening day:

The photo is by WSB/White Center Now contributor Deanie Schwarz, who caught Steve Vodopich and Kenan Cetincelik, lifelong West Seattle buddies, working on the first Big Mouth orders of the day. Three patties! But it isn’t the biggest burger at Zippy’s; that would be the King Lou Lou (added ahead – see somebody try one of those!).

Deanie also talked to Bonnie Brower of Alki Point, who says she had been calling Zippy’s phone number every few days to check when they would open, and was thrilled to have a Li’l Royale for breakfast today: “It’s that first bite of grilled chuck that puts me over the top every time.”

ADDED 6:10 PM: The dinner rush is out the door, as WSB co-publisher Patrick Sand just discovered:

Earlier, Deanie caught Jon Talmadge tackling a King Lou Lou – the truly “giant” burger now on the Zippy’s menu:

The King Lou Lou is a dine-in-only option, which’ll cost you $14 and change. Four patties, eight pieces of bacon, grilled onions, quadruple cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato. Topped with a crown (Lil Zip w/cheese). Named for Luis Jimenez, one of the creative stars of Zippy’s kitchen.

26 Replies to "Zippy's Giant Burgers really is open now in White Center"

  • TallGuy May 31, 2011 (10:59 am)

    HUNGRY !!!!!!!!!

  • datamuse May 31, 2011 (11:16 am)

    And here I am way down in Tacoma…hope they aren’t sold out by dinnertime!

  • Jiggers May 31, 2011 (11:17 am)

    Can I get a hamburger steak with potatoe salad and rice there?

    • WSB May 31, 2011 (11:28 am)

      Oh, I know, Jig, wouldn’t Zippy’s, the classic Hawaiian chain, be great here too … TR

  • W.sider May 31, 2011 (11:25 am)

    Tried to call in a take-out order but nobody answered. They must be busy. A good sign for the Zippy crew!

  • Jeff Schumacher May 31, 2011 (11:29 am)

    Best news of the week! And just look at all that extra wall space for Blaine to fill up with burger memorabilia!

  • Jiggers May 31, 2011 (12:13 pm)

    I’ve been gone from Hawaii too long. I meant macaroni salad TR…I know you can get Hawaiian cuisine here though.

  • Friend of John's May 31, 2011 (1:43 pm)

    Steve Vodopich???

    OMG – he was the CUTEST KID ever back in the 1970’s !!!!

    (and he had the personality to match!)


  • jns May 31, 2011 (3:45 pm)

    can i use my my credit/debit card there yet?

  • Eric May 31, 2011 (7:16 pm)

    And they just sold out!!!

  • Vera J. May 31, 2011 (8:46 pm)

    We were there for the GRAND OPENING- busy busy busy!!!!
    Thanks for coming to the neighborhood and a yummy lunch today!
    So gald to have you back!

  • Shannon May 31, 2011 (9:04 pm)

    MMM, my Zippy Burger was good. It was a pleasure to be able to park and sit. And the fries were a big step up. Not sure if the plan for hand-cut fries has come to fruition, but they were nice and crispy, which wasn’t the case at the prior location. Two thumbs way up!

  • Alan May 31, 2011 (9:46 pm)

    Sold out?! I’m not surprised. It was crazy busy tonight. The burger was just as good as I remembered, but the fries were more delicious. Top it off with being able to have a beer with it…perfect.

    One word of warning to those wanting a beer: Bring your ID. I’m an old geezer and they required ID. I think it’s smart on their part, though I really thought he was joking at first.

  • NaboCane May 31, 2011 (11:14 pm)


  • Jj June 1, 2011 (12:20 am)

    Glad to have Zippys back in service. One of the best burgers and now even better with several improvements, most notably, a much larger space, more parking, and get this, now they take plastic and serve beer.

  • JAM June 1, 2011 (6:48 am)

    3 of us (me and my kids)shared the King Lou Lou with the man-up option! Welcome back Zippies! Worth the wait. Good job guys.

  • Rahel June 1, 2011 (9:13 am)

    Yes, we take credit/debit cards now. There’s also WAY more seating & parking, albeit if we’re busy, you may still have to walk :) We still aspire to do hand cut fries, but we need to do some testing. Hopefully the new fries we introduced yesterday will be better in the mean time.
    We absolutely ID everyone for beer for our safety. Besides, doesn’t it make you feel a little younger when someone asks you for ID? :)
    We’re so happy to be back in action.
    We appreciate all of you and your patience while we work out any kinks by trying to figure out the new space!
    Zippy and Family

  • cj June 1, 2011 (11:02 am)

    Yay Zippy’s is back! We will likely be over sometime this week for dinner. Looks like the local community is really glad your there too.

  • Marge June 1, 2011 (12:34 pm)

    That’s gross. Who needs to eat 4 burgers, 4 slices of cheese, 8 strips of bacon and all that mayo? no one

    • WSB June 1, 2011 (12:36 pm)

      One of the people we encountered later ordered it as something for their entire group to split, which I think breaks down as more affordable than four separate burgers. – TR

  • Erk June 1, 2011 (1:29 pm)

    My buddy took me to Red Mill (which I’d never heard of) bragging on the burger. Pretty good, but it didn’t stack up to Zippy’s (which he’d never heard of). I took him him to Zips, and they were CLOSED! It’s been a month long quest of daily updates, but we’re headed over guys!

  • Paul June 1, 2011 (2:00 pm)

    Just waiting for hand cut fries ( made in house with real potatoes ) and I will come. would prefer a thicker cut like spuds rather than the smaller cut at dicks

  • JoB June 1, 2011 (3:48 pm)

    can’t wait.
    cold cold go away!

  • Alki Girl June 1, 2011 (5:03 pm)

    Congrats!! You guys are awesome! I can’t wait to try out the new location.

  • losloco June 3, 2011 (12:02 pm)

    No one will ever be happy with the fry’s. no matter what Zips does.( I get the tator tots) BUT who cares the have the best burgers in town without a doubt and trust me I have eaten burgers from everywhere. Alltho there once was this hamburguesa stand in Ixtapa Mexico,& me amigo did not even have frys!! haha.. Best Fry’s and second best burger go to LORETTA’s in South Park..

  • JoB June 3, 2011 (6:56 pm)

    i stopped in this afternoon during the afternoon lull.. when the staff felt they had time to chat.
    during the lull… every table was full..
    the new Zipy’s exceeds the old
    if you build it
    they will come :)

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