West Seattle Crime Watch: Federal charges for accused dealer

Court documents confirm what a tipster reported in comments following our coverage of yesterday morning’s police operations at locations including Upper Fauntleroy (remember the helicopter?) and High Point: The man who was arrested is someone we’ve reported on before – James Monroe Flowers, Jr. He’s the alleged drug dealer that Seattle Police arrested in a SWAT-enhanced operation in The Junction back in February; he was out on bond when charges were filed and a warrant issued – we later learned that he posted bond on the warrant without having had to return to jail. Now he’s facing federal charges listed in court documents as “possession of cocaine base (crack) with intent to distribute” and “carrying a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.”

The documents relate to the same investigation that led to the state charges against Flowers (detailed in this WSB report). The federal documents also allege witness tampering – though no charge is filed on that: The narrative says that after Flowers posted bond, one of the witnesses in the case received a phone call from him, asking the witness “not to take him [Flowers] away from his kids” (the court document notes that this is a paraphrase of what was said). The court document goes on to say, “Since this call, the (witness) has received several threatening calls from unidentified subjects who have either directly or indirectly threatened his/her life.” Flowers is now in federal custody, with a detention hearing set for Tuesday. Regarding the locations involved in yesterday morning’s warrant operations – one apparently an arrest warrant, one a search warrant – the documents don’t mention the specific addresses or their significance, but earlier state court paperwork had mentioned a High Point address for Flowers. (Photo courtesy Washington Dept. of Corrections)

12 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Federal charges for accused dealer"

  • lostcoyote May 6, 2011 (11:18 am)

    I saw this dude a number of times hanging in the Juntion last summer.Creep!

  • JanS May 6, 2011 (11:28 am)

    time for him to have a more permanent address away from West Seattle…..how about “The Pokey”?

  • ummm May 6, 2011 (11:30 am)

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • WTF May 6, 2011 (11:37 am)

    Seeeeeeeeeee ya.

  • maude May 6, 2011 (12:32 pm)

    Dude, you took yourself away from your kids. Stop blaming others for your actions.

  • Yardvark May 6, 2011 (12:50 pm)

    Huge thanks to the courageous witnesses in this case. Keep standing up for what’s right and get the protection you need.
    You’re not taking James away from his kids; you’re taking crack away from them. James Monroe Flowers probably left a long time ago.
    Hopefully, he’ll get the help he needs in jail.

  • Alex May 6, 2011 (12:54 pm)

    It sucks to realize that there is apparently a market/demand for crack in our neighborhood. The people who buy the drugs are just as much responsible for furthering the drug trade as those who sell.
    Do you know what your kids are up to this weekend?

  • Pv May 7, 2011 (4:16 am)

    Scr€w him. I wonder how many families he messed up by dealing drugs. Most all burglaries, robberies etc. are a result of the need for cash to feed a drug habit. Lock him up Dan-o.

  • Silly Goose May 7, 2011 (7:26 am)

    WOW this guy use to hang out in the front of Chuck and Sally’s wtih a couple white guys last summer!! What a creep we are hoping he is gone for a long long time.

  • dawsonct May 7, 2011 (10:25 am)

    I’m amazed he was ever coherent enough to complete a transaction.
    Sorry dude, but you did this to yourself. It will probably prove to be the best thing to happen to your children. Hopefully, you will take advantage of the available opportunities, and turn your life around.

    I am with Alex, though, is there REALLY enough of a crack market in W. Seattle for him to stay in business? That is rather disconcerting.
    And folks complain about bars and marijuana dispensaries…..

  • Local May 8, 2011 (12:00 am)

    Yes. Crack, meth, heroin. WS is just like any other neighborhood.

  • anonymous May 23, 2011 (11:30 am)

    It’s funny how people have so much to say about someone or something they know NOTHING about!! Please don’t throw stones as if your life is peaches & cream, something that society and the media is known for doing! People are ALWAYS quick to believe everything the media/police say. They are people too just like everyone else! Yet we fail to point the finger at the true criminals. The ones who bring the drugs into our states. Not to mention the gov’t for there part in all the illegal & corrupted things they do. Oh I guess they are the good guys because there job is legal, yet they do all the illegal behind closed doors!! SAD SAD SAD what this world is coming to! Not saying I condone what drug dealers are doing cause I don’t. But there is a bigger person behind it all. Just my thoughts……

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