West Seattle Crime Watch: Fairmount Springs investigation update

Police have released more information about the case we reported here on Monday, a woman who is in the hospital and told police she was attacked by someone in her Fairmount Springs home. Seattle Police media-unit Det. Mark Jamieson says there is no question the woman was seriously injured – but police do not believe it happened in her home; there is no sign of a struggle or other evidence there indicating an attack. According to the police-report narrative in the case, the original call did not come from the woman’s home; the victim showed up at a neighbor’s house early Sunday morning saying she was “hurt and needed to sleep.” Then the neighbor noticed the woman was clearly injured, and called 911. The victim told police she woke up to find a man in her room; he said nothing but restrained her, then sat on her, and tried to strangle her. She said she fought back, and that she lost consciousness and awoke later to find him gone, at which time she said she managed to get herself free and walked over to her neighbor’s house. Police also confirm they questioned someone yesterday in connection with the case but that no one is currently under arrest. The victim remains at Harborview Medical Center, and because of her condition, Det. Jamieson says, police have been unable to talk more with her yet about what happened and where it happened.

11 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Fairmount Springs investigation update"

  • Ulrich Course May 12, 2011 (1:14 pm)

    Most crime occurs from the alleys. Neighborhoods in Tacoma have restricted drive-through access.

  • jimlandau May 12, 2011 (2:52 pm)

    I love this idea, restricting alley access, but I don’t think it would fly. Too many residences with alley only access.

  • Ed May 12, 2011 (2:55 pm)

    Unless there is a physical barrier, I don’t see how putting up a sign will stop evil doers.

  • RJB May 12, 2011 (5:42 pm)

    At both homes I have lived in West Seattle, both parking garages were alley access only. I hope she is going to be okay. Scary.

  • Mrs. L. May 12, 2011 (8:24 pm)

    The whole thing just sounds weirder the more info we get.

    • WSB May 12, 2011 (8:41 pm)

      Neighborhood leaders invited us to their meeting tonight (maybe you were there too); we’ll be writing the story soon as we get home. – TR

  • Mrs. L. May 12, 2011 (10:11 pm)

    Look forward to the updates.

  • BJ May 13, 2011 (3:36 pm)

    Police have asked neighbors to stay away from her house. We hope she makes a full recovery. Though they won’t let anyone over to feed her cats. They turned away a friend of hers who went to go feed them after the house was searched for clues. I don’t want her coming home to starved cats. Hopefully some type of animal services helps out in these situations.

  • rab May 13, 2011 (7:41 pm)

    A next door neighbor could put it in their own yard at the edge of the property maybe? Isn’t it just one outdoor cat? If it is an indoor pet situation then animal control or Pasado might be able to help?We have been worried about this issue as well and were told the same thing by detectives.Not sure what the answer is.

  • Jill May 13, 2011 (8:00 pm)

    WSB, I tweeted about the KIRO 7 copter circling on 5/11. Just seeing this info today, I bet it’s related…

    • WSB May 13, 2011 (8:03 pm)

      It apparently was them just getting aerials. It was pointed out by the reporter who did the story Wednesday night (which identified the victim! they fixed it for the Web the next day, somebody came to their senses) that they have two employees who live in the neighborhood and “that’s how we found out about this, police knocked on (an employee’s) door.” (Guess neither reads WSB, since we had originally reported it on Monday.)

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