West Seattle Crime Watch: BB break-in; prowler; motorcycle theft

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports today – one is a break-in via an unusual method, with the victim wondering if anyone else has ever heard of it; another, a prowler scared off early today; the third, another motorcycle theft. Read on for all three:

From Reeve:

I’m sorry to say our house was broken into yesterday — I wanted to let
others in the area know.

This happened at 11:30am 4/29, in the 9400 block of 45th Avenue SW (at Roxbury)

The intruder shot a hole in our kitchen window with a BB gun, in order to unlatch the slider.

Our alarm system went off once the intruder tripped the motion detector in the hall, and he left through the side door. Nothing was stolen, fortunately. He couldn’t have been in for more than a few seconds.

Has anyone heard of this break-in technique?

From Nick, a Saturday morning prowler:

We just called the cops on a prowler in our backyard at about 615 am Saturday morning. It was a white guy, brown hair, dark coat, dark pants, thin to medium build, maybe a bit under 6 feet. My wife spotted him out our second story front window checking out a neighbor’s car or house. He cut across the street to our house, opened our side gate, walked through our yard and out the back gate to the alley. My (wife) alerted me to his presence as he was leaving our yard. I opened our back door as he was closing our back gate and told him we were calling the cops, which I now wish I hadn’t done. Oh well.

And from Alma (who sent this earlier in the week, but we didn’t receive it – sorry for the delay, our mail system has the occasional glitch):

I just wanted to put a posting on West Seattle Blog in case someone saw/heard a theft of a motorcycle Monday night in Admiral neighborhood. It happened at California Ave & Atlantic St. A 2001 black Harley Davidson Night Train was stolen from a covered carport at Park Hamilton apartments. It happened sometime between 10 pm (Monday) night and 7 am (Tuesday) morning. If any of the neighbors, bus drivers or anyone saw anything please report it to the police. The bike was secured so they had to have wheeled/pushed it away for a few blocks before putting it on a truck or something.

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  • Arbor Heights Mom April 30, 2011 (5:14 pm)

    @ Reeve – Apparently, this break-in method is not so unusual. Our home was broken into in early April and they used the exact same method of entry. Unfortunately, we did not have an alarm system, so they stole most of our electronics, all of my jewelry and trashed our house in the process. We now have an alarm system (and a cleaner house)! By the way, when we were filing a report with the police, they stated a break-in occurred in the Alki area with the same entry method being used.

  • Civik April 30, 2011 (6:58 pm)

    Interesting. I just found 7 or 8 bb’s on my deck and was wondering wtf they were doing there…

    Not a mark on the glass though. *shrug*

  • Question May 1, 2011 (10:27 am)


    Did the guy have longer hair in his mid to early forties?

  • 1000amys May 1, 2011 (3:26 pm)

    Last Saturday (the 23rd) we returned from dinner out to hear someone shooting a BB gun in the parking lot across the street (Riverview Playfield). We quickly entered the house through the closest door and asked the sitter to stay inside while we called 911. 3 police cars arrived within 2-3 minutes; and then took off immediately, we assume in pursuit. We hoped they had caught the shooter. The response was sure fast.

  • WTF May 2, 2011 (1:16 pm)

    Say hello to my little friend.

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