Walt Hundley Playfield turf: Youth soccer, lacrosse too?

Can the new synthetic turf at Walt Hundley Playfield, next to High Point Community Center, be marked for youth soccer as well as adult soccer? That was one question brought up tonight at Southwest Library, during Seattle Parks‘ only scheduled community meeting for the $1 million Parks and Green Spaces Levy project (though this field wasn’t originally on the levy list, its new turf will be paid for with savings from four others – including Delridge – that were). Project manager Ted Holden said it would cost $28,000 more to set up the field for youth soccer; West Seattle Soccer Club reps were there and said their demand is growing, so they need all the field space they can get. (That led to a side discussion about field-scheduling issues; Parks reps said that would have to be discussed separately.) Otherwise, there wasn’t much controversy – no lighting issues, as existing lighting will be kept; along with soccer interests, there was some advocacy for lacrosse as well. When someone asked about baseball, Holden said that’s not feasible, since the field is too small, and there are two grass/dirt lots nearby already. Construction is expected to start sometime this summer and be done by fall; though this was the only scheduled meeting, your comments are still welcomed by e-mail and phone – you can reach project manager Holden at 206-684-7021 or ted.holden@seattle.gov.

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  • foy boy April 28, 2011 (11:40 am)

    Not on the original list on the levy. Well this sounds like the money is going some where it should not be going. This proves that the city can do what they want with the money and not what they say. There is some extra money well we can’t have that we need to pend it. That was a close call the city almost ended up saving money. But that would be crazy.

  • michelle April 28, 2011 (6:16 pm)

    that is ridiculous

  • Bill Fry April 29, 2011 (3:05 pm)

    This is a responsible decision that is consistent with both the will of the voters and the intent of the 2008 Parks and Green Space Levy. A portion of the levy funding (approximately $10.5 mil) was dedicated to make improvements to the playfields in our communities. There was a belief that those funds would only be sufficient to fund improvements to four (4) fields — but due to an aggressive bidding climate, low or no inflation, and excellent stewardship by Parks, we are able to accomplish more with those same dollars. The Walt Hundley field at High Point and the Washington Park field near the Arboretum are the only lighted athletic fields remaining in Seattle with a poor (unsafe) “dirt” playing field. The Levy Oversight Committee and the City Council have got this one right, and we are thrilled to partner with Parks to insure that the Walt Hundley field becomes a treasured asset to our community.

    Read more here:
    http://www.seattle.gov/parks/projects/walt_hundley/ http://www.seattle.gov/parks/levy/oversight.asp

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