Past resident of Japan quake zone, West 5 owner organizing benefit

Updates on West Seattle help for the quake/tsunami survivors in Japan: First, last night we heard back from Karla, who sent out feelers about organizing a peninsula-wide effort. She says she’s gotten a great response so far.

And now – West 5 proprietor Dave Montoure just shared the news that he is organizing local restaurants for a one-night West Seattle benefit.

It’s not just that he, like so many, wants to help with such a horrific tragedy – Dave has ties to the northeastern coastal zone that was hit the hardest, with thousands killed. In a phone conversation a short time ago, he told WSB he’s been to almost every area you’ve seen in quake/tsunami-aftermath coverage on TV, while living in Japan for several years after college, including some of the Iwate Prefecture (similar to a state) areas ravaged by the tsunami, like Miyako. He also lived in the Iwate city of Morioka while working as an English teacher, and has friends still there; he says they’re OK.

Here’s what he’s working on – and if you’re a local restaurateur that would like to be part of it, but haven’t heard from Dave yet, he welcomes your e-mail at Right now, he’s looking at doing this a week from Sunday, March 27th.He’s asking interested participants to come up with some kind of fundraising element – whether it’s a special menu item, a portion of proceeds, it’ll be up to them. They’ll also be expected to publicize the event through all their respective networks. (And yes, Dave is talking with Karla, to see how to synergize their efforts.)

He hasn’t decided yet which relief agency/operation would be the beneficiary; he is talking daily with a friend from Iwate prefecture (comparable to a USA state) who also happens to be an experienced disaster-relief professional with experience in the disaster zones of Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

So if you’re interested in participating as a venue on March 27, get a hold of Dave (who says a few already have signed on, including Feedback Lounge [WSB sponsor]). To be part of the benefit when it happens, by going to one of the venues, watch for more details, which he’ll send out via the West 5 Facebook page (here) and Twitter account (here). We of course will bring you updates too (here as well as on FB, where our page has changed – find it here).

5 Replies to "Past resident of Japan quake zone, West 5 owner organizing benefit"

  • David Newman March 18, 2011 (2:36 pm)

    I am trying to be as positive as possible, but why is it when we (US) experience a natural disaster, other countries do not organize or donate benefits to the United States? Please help me understand.

  • Zoe Freeman March 19, 2011 (11:52 am)

    Is something going on this evening on Alki? I caught thee end of a story in the news, but can’t find it on your website.

  • WSB March 19, 2011 (1:04 pm)

    Zoe, where did you hear it? We received a secondhand report somebody heard something about something on Alki tonight. Has not come to our attention and we went down there looking to see if there were flyers or … If I can find information about this, we’ll post a story about it. – TR

  • Katrina March 20, 2011 (12:18 pm)

    Response to the posting of David Newman,

    Oh, of course they do.
    Other countries do donate when US experience a natural disaster.

    In the case of all the donations going to Japan over the latest earthquake & tsunami, in a way, Japan is now receiving back.
    Japan is known as one of the largest donors in foreign donations.

    “The Japanese Foreign Ministry said that it would provide $200,000 in cash to the American Red Cross to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina. Japan also identified needs in affected regions via the U.S. government and provided up to $800,000 in emergency supplies such as tents, blankets and power generators if they receive requests from the U.S. for such assistance.

    Private and corporate donations totaled
    over $13 million.[33]

    One Japanese individual, Takashi Endo, donated USD $1 million from his personal funds to Katrina relief efforts.”

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