Remembering Andrew Fife: Wake planned March 5th

Andy Fife was “a resident and dear friend to many in West Seattle,” as Art Cuellar explains, in asking us to share Andy’s obituary and word of a wake planned next weekend:

Andrew “Andy” Fife, aged 56, passed away in West Seattle on February 23, surrounded by a group of his close friends.

Andy, a proud Englishman, was well known in West Seattle for his great physical fitness and love of hiking in the mountains. What was probably not so well known was the fascinating life Andrew had led prior to this. He was born in Tripoli, Libya, in 1954, where his English father worked in the oil industry. His mother, Bozena, had escaped from Poland during WWII and met her future husband during this journey. Andrew attended boarding school in England and said that he loved to watch the Harry Potter films as they so reminded him of school.

In his 20’s Andy came to the States to attend commercial pilot training. He earned his wings and went on to fly commercial aircraft for a variety of different airlines. After the airline industry went through a rough spot in the 80’s he turned his mind to physical training and spent time in both the States and the UK working with athletes and rugby teams, to include the famed Leicester Tigers Rugby Team in England, a fact that he was exceedingly proud of. He also worked as an outdoor tour guide for a company called Trek America, taking groups of tourists to spectacular places all over America and Canada. This ultimately brought him to West Seattle, where he lived, worked and played for the next 15 years or so.

He was well known for spending vast amounts of his time at All Star Fitness, training the Seattle Rugby Club, hiking in the mountains and watching rugby at a variety of pubs around town. For the past several years he was busy working on developing a new piece of fitness equipment, the ThundrrBell, which he planned to have in every gym across the nation in the not too distant future. Andrew also had a special passion for the care of the wounded soldiers of the United States and Britain, and had visited the facilities in both countries where they were going through rehab. Andrew is survived by his mother, Bozena Fife, of Goring-on-Thames, England.

There will be a Wake held at the Beveridge Place Pub on Saturday, March 5 at 4:30 PM to celebrate Andrew’s life. Please come and share stories, have a beer and a laugh, because that is what Andy would want.

14 Replies to "Remembering Andrew Fife: Wake planned March 5th"

  • Teri Ensley February 25, 2011 (12:45 pm)

    Andrew…you were a bright light in my day. Will miss your hugs, wit, and our brilliant conversations.

  • grr February 25, 2011 (1:14 pm)

    Amen, Terry. Hotwire is just not the same without his smile and laugh and wit.

  • Jeanne February 25, 2011 (1:17 pm)

    We will miss you Andrew. You were such a positive and creative spirit.

  • A February 25, 2011 (2:34 pm)

    you are one of the reasons West Seattle is so great! great people like you, are hard to find. You will surely be missed. Circa, Hotwire, Elliot Bay, and Beveridge will never be the same!

  • Mark Turner February 25, 2011 (8:08 pm)

    Advice I received in reference to losing a loved one….honor her or him by emulating the best of what that person gave to the community.

    I’ll miss the quiet conversations we had about living life to the fullest, and will try and project the boundless spirit he always displayed.

  • Kathy O\'Toole February 25, 2011 (9:24 pm)

    My heart is saddened and West Seattle will not be the same without running into Andrew at Allstar, Uptown Espresso, Alki, Hotwire, Alki Mail, Beverage Place, and Tellerico’s, to name a few. I am honored to have known Andrew and am thankful for his friendship, humor, conversation, support, and sense of adventure. You will be missed, my friend!

  • Kelly Boodell February 26, 2011 (9:33 am)

    You were more than a friend. You were trustworthy and sincere, funny and strong, you were reliable. You always took the time to care. I don’t think I realized how much I would miss you, rest in heaven…well okay…hike on in peaceful eternity!

  • Marji Hayner February 26, 2011 (12:41 pm)

    Dear Andrew,

    I’m devastated by the news of your death and cannot stop crying about it. It’s terribly upsetting and wrong that one who is such a happy, healthy and giving person who cares deeply about those he meets can just suddenly be gone, without warning or expectation. You are one who reached out to others to make them feel comfortable and cared for, and you always left people smiling. For those shyer, more introverted ones, the difference you made was immeasurable. I am recounting the many conversations we had; your wisdom and support through the years. I can only try to take the advice of Mark Turner, and try to reach out more to others in order to help fill the void your departure has left.

    Love Marji

  • Liberty Bell February 27, 2011 (2:01 am)

    For years Andrew was a customer and friend. Always wearing a smile on his face and in his heart. A true positive light in our world. There are few that live and share a true love for life- Andrew did. West Seattle has lost one of its brightest spirits. Andrew Fife will be missed. Rest in peace Andrew and be proud of the legacy you have left behind in the hearts of so many people in the world!!!

  • aw February 27, 2011 (8:25 pm)

    I am gonna miss serving you at Talarico’s after your workouts… I am gonna eat a chicken parmesean in honor of you buddy! We will miss you.

  • Mk March 1, 2011 (1:56 pm)

    I would see him down while bringing a friend for radiation. So sorry to hear about Andrew, does anyone know what type of brain cancer he had?

  • Angelina March 4, 2011 (8:33 pm)

    I am so deeply saddened to hear about the enormous loss of such a wonderful individual. With every encounter, Andrew was ALWAYS so kind, positive and full of life! He mirrored what kind of individual we should all strive to be. He will be greatly missed!

  • Sean March 7, 2011 (7:00 am)

    Andy had a great memorial attended by a very large and warm group of his friends on Saturday the 5th at the Beveridge Place. Andy would have loved to have been there!

    A collection is underway to purchase one of the few remaining plaques (not the bricks) available at the Statue of Liberty Plaza at Alki Beach in his honor.

    If anyone is interested in helping, any amount people can afford is wonderful. Donations are tax deductible and if anyone has an interest, you should contact Susan at (susanjsayers-at-gmail-dot-com).

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