Potential plea bargain for 2nd suspect in Highland Park attack

gavel.jpgTwo weeks after the sentencing of one defendant in the Highland Park hate-crime attack (WSB courthouse coverage here), there’s word the second suspect might also enter a plea instead of going to trial. A hearing scheduled today for 21-year-old Jonathan Baquiring was instead postponed till next Friday, and a new document in the online court files explains the delay as: “Parties likely have reached a plea bargain.” A hearing is now tentatively set for next Friday morning; Baquiring’s trial had been set for February 22nd. He is charged with robbery and malicious harassment in the May 2010 attack on Shane McClellan, the teenager beaten and tortured for hours on a Highland Park staircase. The other defendant, 23-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, admitted with his guilty plea that he “maliciously and intentionally … caused physical injury” to the victim because of his race; Mohamed was sentenced to almost six years in prison.

2 Replies to "Potential plea bargain for 2nd suspect in Highland Park attack"

  • Silly Goose February 5, 2011 (9:40 am)

    Plea Deal seriously!! That is horrible that he has any type of leverage about his sentencing!! What a huge huge flaw in our justice system and a complete unjust to the victim.

  • Mr Schmohammed February 5, 2011 (5:53 pm)

    Well, Mr Scmohammed got six years. Six years behind bars isn’t bad, plea deal or no plea deal. If they do this other guy similarly well, I’m all for it. Trials are expensive.

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