More Junction business news: Shoe store The Sneakery on the way

Thanks to Desiree, first to send a note tonight about a sighting in the Junction block we’ve been talking about most of the week – east side of California, north of Edmunds. The former HQ of Liberty Bell Printing – which is still in business elsewhere in West Seattle, without a retail storefront – has a new tenant. “Coming Soon: The Sneakery,” say the signs (as you can see in our iPhone photo at left) – a shoe store. (Datapoint – you might recall, Volume/Payless Shoe Source was in that block some years back.) Desiree even pointed us to a website for The Sneakery, currently based in Ballard. We haven’t reached the proprietor yet, but the city business-license database confirms the West Seattle location has the same owner, and checking The Sneakery’s Facebook page, a cryptic post a few weeks back asked where “fans” might want to see a second location … half of the 12 respondents mentioned West Seattle. We’ve got notes out to see if we can find out how soon they plan to open.

(To recap the week’s earlier discussion of this block – first Tom Yum Koong closed; then we confirmed its new ownership; and today, we confirmed Petco is moving elsewhere in The Junction.)

18 Replies to "More Junction business news: Shoe store The Sneakery on the way"

  • sun*e February 18, 2011 (11:37 pm)

    How “sneakery” of them. :)

  • DaveB February 19, 2011 (12:54 am)

    sun*e: you are fun*e.

  • Mike February 19, 2011 (6:27 am)

    That’s great to see a business like The Sneakery moving in.

  • CB February 19, 2011 (6:27 am)


  • JayDee February 19, 2011 (6:57 am)

    I am praying they will stock Size 15s…in at least some models.

  • hopey February 19, 2011 (7:34 am)

    Ohhh…. this might actually drag some of my business away from Zappos!

  • Katie February 19, 2011 (7:40 am)

    Wow! Now all of my shoe needs will be satisfied in a two block radius. Awesome.

  • Yardvark February 19, 2011 (7:42 am)

    Welcome to town!

  • miws February 19, 2011 (8:24 am)

    How cool that the space will be vacant for such a short amount of time!


    In fact, Sneakery customers may have the combined smells of printing ink and (new) sneakers greet them as they walk into the store! ;)



  • Pat February 19, 2011 (9:28 am)

    Wow, that’s great news! For years I’ve wished there was this kind of shoe store in West Seattle. Now I’ll never have to leave! :-)

  • CMC February 19, 2011 (10:58 am)

    Our household is very happy to hear this! Welcome to the neighborhood.

  • Keith February 19, 2011 (11:12 am)

    Their Ballard store is great, excited to have them in our neighborhood!

  • JumboJim February 19, 2011 (12:07 pm)

    Too many nail shops and sneaker shops in this dang town! Ok, kidding – but I had to beat somebody else to it. It’s almost an inevitable comment whenever a new business comes along…

  • EAO February 19, 2011 (12:30 pm)

    Yeah! Over the holidays I was talking of the owner of the Sneakery and told her how cool it would be to have a store like this in West Seattle. At the time, she said she was considering it, but sounded more like a distant possibility. So glad it’s happening now!

  • Donna Ryan February 19, 2011 (1:09 pm)

    Cool store – great addition to the neighborhood. Welcome!

  • Sonoma February 19, 2011 (5:03 pm)

    The Sneakery is not a “run of the mill” (or run of the treadmill) sport-shoe store. They have tons of cool styles and a great selection of colorful socks. Lots of stuff for kids, too.

  • Kim February 19, 2011 (10:30 pm)

    Oooh I love their location on 65th, this is a great addition to our ‘hood!

  • bsmomma February 22, 2011 (11:04 am)

    Yahoo! I am excited to have a shoe store back in the Junction! Ever since having my own child, I have wished to have Schallots(sp?) back! I hate buying shoes at Target, I am not a fan of the mall and that shoe store in Westwood is gone. :(

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