West Seattle High School invites you to celebrate student art

Not only is next Thursday night — one week from tonight — the monthly West Seattle Art Walk, it’s also a chance to celebrate student art at West Seattle High School.
Fine arts teacher Martha Tonkin says the WSHS Winter Art Expo is set for 4-8 pm next Thursday in the school library:

We will have 200 Drawing & Painting/Ceramics students exhibiting their artwork and ceramic pieces in a large show, judged by 10 professional artists/art instructors. Music, food, a beautiful setting, and a feeling of “celebrating the arts” makes this a fun event to drop in on, as the teen artists are available to speak about their work, similar to an art opening in a gallery setting.

Meantime, another set of student artists showed their work last month. 10 professional photographers judged the work of 60 high-school students at the WSHS Photo Expo in December. Among them, Highland Park’s Dina Lydia Johnson, who also put together a Flickr gallery with more than 60 photos of participants and their work. Here’s one of the winners:

That’s Zaya Wylde-Page, whose work was honored as “most professional.” Next on the winner list shared by the school, Francisco Morseletto, for “most ethereal”:

The rest of the winner list, and the judges and coordinators, after the jump:

* Best Use of Color: Sage Taber

* Honorable Mention: Rena Goldsmith

* Most Creative: Jennifer Huynh

* Most Diverse Collection: Alia Paddock

* Best Use of Texture: Jasmine Mullert

* Best Storytelling: Hannah Matalone

* Most Imaginative: Yorsalem Ogube

* Best Composition: Tre Smith

* Best Combined Use of B/W & Color: Stephen Mansfield

* Best Urban Photography: Ryan Fry

* Most Poetic: Kiah Grymes

* Most Courageous: Claire Barnett

West Seattle High Fall Photo Expo Judges

* Brittany Dawson UW ’13, WSHSASB/DECA President

* Pat Jewell WSHS Instructor, Former Activities Director

* Dina Lydia Johnson Design & Photography, Digital Genie (and show photographer)

* Jim Kennedy Kennedy Photography

* Randy Olsen Nordstrom: Store Design

* Debbie Tonkovich WSHS Instructor

* Paula Tortorice WSHS Instructor

West Seattle High Fall Photo Expo Coordinators

* Michelle Sloan

* Martha Tonkin

* Brigid Slinger

Again, the gallery of winners and some of their work can be seen online here.

6 Replies to "West Seattle High School invites you to celebrate student art"

  • cjboffoli January 6, 2011 (12:53 pm)

    I’d like to give Mr. Morseletto an extra award for having the best costume. And also for the murder mystery he helped to unravel just after the art show. :-)

  • Noelle January 6, 2011 (1:11 pm)

    Cjboffoli, I know you put a smiley face on your comment, but it still comes across as making fun of a kid.

  • cjboffoli January 6, 2011 (1:44 pm)

    Not at all! I admire young folks that show sartorial creativity at an early age!

  • thee January 6, 2011 (7:21 pm)

    thanks, WSB, for covering the local high school arts scene, too often all we hear from the local HS is about sports. if more media outlets were focused on what the creative kids were up to, well, all sorts of cool things would happen. Good job WSB, good job, kids!

  • Jodi January 6, 2011 (9:45 pm)

    Sage Taber……awesome job! So glad to see your outstanding recognition! Keep up the good work!!!!!

  • Neen January 8, 2011 (11:56 am)

    Yeah Sage! You are an incredible student! We are all proud of you…good things ahead for you girl!

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