West Seattle Montessori students meet ‘presidential turkeys’

Today was the big day that West Seattle Montessori School (WSB sponsor) students got up close and personal (as previewed here 2 weeks ago) with two turkeys from a flock that’s about to gain nationwide fame: They’ll be officially pardoned by President Obama in the traditional pre-Thanksgiving White House event (a ceremony initiated by the first President Bush in 1989). The turkeys’ role here: Educating kids about agriculture.

West Seattle Montessori was the only Seattle-area school chosen for the turkey talk; it was held at Delridge Community Center since the WSMS campus didn’t have quite enough room for the entire student body plus the turkeys and their entourage.

The “presidential turkeys” – a flock of more than 20 Nicholas Strain toms – were raised by Foster Farms in the Central California town of Modesto. The touring turkeys are making a stop up north this afternoon, in Arlington, the other destination on their whirlwind Western Washington stopover. We’ll be adding video from their West Seattle visit a bit later.

3 Replies to "West Seattle Montessori students meet 'presidential turkeys'"

  • Smurmary November 15, 2010 (4:00 pm)

    In yet, another example, of how the WSB is merely a shill for their corporate donors and enforcement buddies – they promote “Foster Farms” without talking about an issue that truly effects the community, the exploitation of these animals by the very same, Foster Farms: http://www.vivausa.org/campaigns/chickens/fosterfarms.html. (Also attempting to repeat their habitual, use, of commas, and dashes; and semicolon.)

    • WSB November 15, 2010 (4:59 pm)

      Hi, Smurmary! We mentioned Foster Farms because, like it or not, that’s who sponsored this. Once upon a time we failed to mention the corporation that sponsored some school event or another and somebody accused us of deliberately hiding that fact. If the turkeys were raised in your backyard, we would have mentioned that; just so happens FF raised them. As for enforcement buddies, not sure what that means, but re: “corporate donors,” we have no donors, corporate or otherwise. Couple times a year some kind soul clicks our tip-jar button in the sidebar, but we don’t solicit that, and we don’t expect it. All our revenue comes from advertisements sold to local businesses. Each and every current sponsor is listed here:
      Let me know if you consider any of them “corporate”! TR

  • miws November 15, 2010 (5:43 pm)

    In yet, another example, of how someone apparently holds the WSB in disdain, yet continues to read it, and non-constructively criticize it.


    TR, I always admire how you reply to these types of comments in an upbeat, professional manner, rather than being snarky. Of course, I would never expect you to respond otherwise.


    Leave the snarky replies to your supporters. That’s what we’re here for.


    (Oh, one more thing, Smurmary;,-,-;-,,,,)



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