West Seattle arts: Art Lending Library’s next quarterly opening

(June 2010 photo by Christopher Boffoli)
It only happens once a quarter – and today we have the date for the next opening of West Seattle’s Art Lending Library at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center: Tuesday (corrected), October 19th, one night only, 6-9 pm. Read on for the details (including how it works), just shared by Seth Damm:

Patrons will have the opportunity to get a library card and peruse the collection of more than 50 pieces of artwork. Librarians will be on hand to walk patrons through the process.

Here’s how the library works:

CHECK-OUT: Every three months a library opening is held in the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. The public is invited to register for membership in the form of a library card. The librarians make library cards and records of each participant including a photograph and appropriate paperwork to track members. Once membership is granted, patrons are invited to select one piece of work to be checked out in their name for a three month period.

INSTALLATION: Librarians will install the artwork at each patron’s home. At the time of checkout a date will be established when librarians will visit the patron’s home and secure the artwork in a suitable location. The only requirement is that the work be only be touched by the Librarians. If a patron wants a piece of artwork moved the Librarians will return to the home and re-install it.

RETURN: Librarians accompanied by a documentarian will visit the patron’s home to remove the artwork and return it to the library for future circulation. Additionally, the documentarian will photograph the artwork, and patron, if desired, as a running portrayal of the artwork as it travels from home to home.

The library is a trust-based program where artists provide artwork to be checked out by any member of the public, and patrons allow artwork and artists into their homes, all in the spirit of sharing. For more information, including a preview of the collection, please visit the website at www.artlendinglibrary.net/ALL.

5 Replies to "West Seattle arts: Art Lending Library's next quarterly opening"

  • impressed neighbor October 9, 2010 (3:29 pm)

    This is really cool!

  • brittany October 9, 2010 (6:24 pm)

    i keep meaning to do this. maybe this time!!

  • Sara October 9, 2010 (10:27 pm)

    Tuesday the 19th or or Wednesday the 20th of October?

    • WSB October 9, 2010 (10:47 pm)

      Good eyes. The announcement I received from Seth says distinctly Wednesday 10/19 in not one but two places, so I don’t even want to guess … have sent him a note asking which, and will fix this when he replies….TR

      • WSB October 9, 2010 (11:21 pm)

        Tuesday the 19th.

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