Update: Highland Park ‘home-invasion robbery’ suspect in court

Followup to our earlier report of arrests in connection with last week’s “home invasion” robbery on 4th SW in Highland Park: King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office spokesperson Dan Donohoe says the 37-year-old Federal Way man who was arrested appeared in court today for a bail hearing — resulting in his bail being set at $1 million — while the 45-year-old Burien man who also was arrested in the case will be in court tomorrow. His record includes convictions for drugs, theft, and possession of stolen property, according to court documents; the younger man’s record includes those same types of convictions as well as robbery cases – and he’s described as a “potential third-strike candidate.” The court documents also include the “probable cause” information detailing what is alleged to have happened in the robbery, and what led police to the suspects – read on for those details:

This is taken verbatim from the court documents, except that we have excised all names and changed exact addresses to nearest hundred-block, as well as removing other potentially identifiable information such as license plate, phone, and bank-card numbers:

On Wednesday, 08-26-10, at approximately 0430 hrs: Detectives responded to the scene of a home invasion robbery at (7900 block) 4th Avenue SW in the City of Seattle, County of King and State of Washington.

Detective … spoke with (victim A) … who stated that at approximately 0300 hrs: she was lying in bed, when she heard a light knock at the front door to the residence. (Victim A) believed that it was (victim B) (a roommate) at the front door. (victim A) went to the front door and opened it. Upon doing so, an Asian adult male, who she recognized from a previous contact approximately three days prior, pointed a pistol at her and forced his way into the entry landing of the residence. This Asian male suspect told (victim A) to not look at him and to look at the floor. (victim A) screamed out loud as the Asian male suspect forced his way into the residence. (Victim B), who was lying in bed with his girlfriend, (victim C), heard the scream and exited his bedroom, which was located on
the north side of the residence to investigate why (victim A) had screamed. (victim B), as he exited his bedroom, was greeted by the Asian male suspect, who was pointing a pistol at his head. This suspect told (victim B) to not look at him and to look at the floor. (victim B) was walked at gun point into the living room. Both he and (victim A) were told to lie on the floor. Both (victim A) and (victim B) were asked. if there were any other people inside of the residence. (victim B) told the Asian male suspect that (victim C) was in the bedroom that he had just come from. The Asian male suspect went to that bedroom and took (victim C) from the bedroom and walked her into the living room.

While in the living room, (all three victims) were all duct taped with their hands behind their backs,
their feet taped together as well as having duct tape placed over their eyes and mouths. The Asian male suspect then put blankets and pilows over the tops of (all three victims’) heads. .

A second suspect’s voice was then heard by the victim’s. According (to victim B) and (victim C) they believed that the second suspect was an adult black male.

According to (victim B) the Asian male suspect then proceeded to ransack the residence while the blac;k male stood guard over them, shining a red laser over their faces laughing about it.

At one point during the incident, the Asian male suspect asked (victim A) to open the safe that was in her bedroom. (victim A) was walked into the master bedroom and had her tape cut off of her hands, so she could open the safe, but (victim A) apparently panicked and could not remember the combination to the safe. (victim A) was walked back to the living room, but only to be taken back into the master bedroom and forced to open the safe. (victim A) was then re-duct taped and forced to lay on the living room floor.

(victim A) reported that there was … jewelry in the safe as well as two pistols that were removed and taken by the suspect(s).

The suspect(s) located (victim A) purse and removed her wallet and found her … debit card. The suspect(s) told (victim A) to give them her personal identification number (PIN). (victim A) gave the suspect(s) the PIN.

After approximately forty-five minutes, the suspect(s) then proceeded to load up (victim A)’s two vehicles, WA. 6532- DP and WA. 9224- DP, which were parked in thè garage with computers, televisions, DVD’s, eight rifles, jewelry as well as (victim A) identification, including her credit cards, drivers license, pass port, cellular telephone and left in those vehicles.

According to (victim B), the Asian male suspect referred to the black male suspect as “Wiz” and that they both made statements out loud about a third suspect being parked at a nearby location.

(victim B) told responding offcers that he was able to free himself and cut the tape off of (the other two victims), walked to his parent’s residence and telephoned 9-11.

(victim A) told your affant that her debit card and her cellular telephone were taken and provided your affiant with her (bank account number) and her cellular telephone number …

(victim A) also stated that the Asian male suspect who robbed her this morning had come to her residence on Monday, 08-23-10, in the afternoon hours.

(victim A) said that the Asian male suspect knocked on the door and when she opened it, he asked for “John.” (victim A) told the Asian male that “John” is her husband and that he is in a long term care facility in North Seattle and no longer lives at this address. (victim A) said that the Asian Male became a little confused and said that he was at the wrong house and left,

(victim A) described the Asian male as 5′-10″ 160 Ibs: dark hair and wore eye glasses. She did not remember his clothing.

Detective … made telephone contact with (bank) Corporate Security and explained the above mentioned facts of the
case to him, provided him with (victim A) account number and requested that he check her account to see if there had been any activity on the account since the robbery was reported at 0337 hrs: on Thursday, 08-26-10.

Detective … later received a telephone call from (bank corporate security) and was informed that there had been activity … at two locations:

1) Des Moines … ATM at 05:10: 42 hrs: no cash was obtained.
2) Redondo … ATM at 06:20:51 hrs: $200.00 cash was obtained.
(Bank corporate security) said that surveilance photographs were obtained and that they are of good quality.

Detective … later obtained the surveilance photographs via SPD email and reviewed them:

The surveilance photographs are of good quality and it clearly shows and Asian male, wearing eye glasses, a black colored hooded sweatshirt and blue colored latex gloves, using (victim A) debit card (withdrawing cash) while driving what is believed to be (victim A) stolen van, WA. 6532- DP.

Detective … showed the surveilance photographs … to (victim A), who positively identified the Asian male as the same suspect that came to her residence on Monday, 08-23-10, and the same suspect that robbed her on Thursday, 08-26-10. (victim A) told your affant that she would be able to identify the suspect.

On Fridav, 08-27-10. your affiant released the surveilance photoqraphs from the Bank of America A TM to the local media … asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect in this robbeiy incident.

On Monday, 08-30-10, at approximately 0900 hrs: Detective … received a call from an adult male who wished to remain anonymous. The male caller informed … that he observed the surveilance photographs on television as well as on the intemet and knows (suspect A) … (and said he is) violent and has been to prison for robbery and is known to carry weapons. The caller also stated that (suspect A) wears eye glasses that are identical to those that are shown in the surveillance photographs.

Detective … obtained a Department of licensing (DOL) photograph of (suspect A) and compared it to the surveilance photographs and found it to be one and the same.

(editor’s note: here, we excised description of a couple other ways in which suspect A was identified)

(People known to Suspect A) attempted several times to telephone (him) via his cellular telephone and plead with him to surrender and turn himself in to Police, but he refused and stated, “This wil be my third strike and I’m not going back to prison for life.”

(Editor’s note: Excised passage in which person known to suspect A gave police information on how to find him)

On Wednesday, 09-01-10, at approximately 1015 hrs: Detectives from the SPD Fugitive and Robbery Unit were at South 242nd and Pacific Highway South when they observed (suspect A, who was) taken into custody without incident.

Summarizing the rest of the document, a teenage passenger in Suspect A’s car gave police information that helped them identify the second suspect as well as find the stolen guns at a South King County motel. That’s where officers found Suspect B, who fled but was later arrested in Federal Way. The court documents say Suspect A confessed to “committing the robbery with (suspect B) … who facilitated the robbery with (Victim C) who was inside of the residence during the robbery.” There is no further information indicating whether Victim C faces arrest or charges, or whether there was any further substantiation to Suspect A’s claim – she is not listed on the jail register, which shows that Suspects A and B remain behind bars tonight, with bail set at $1 million for Suspect A – the man who was in court today – bail denied (pending a hearing tomorrow) for Suspect B, who, we learn from the jail register, has been in the KCJ three times in the past 11 months.

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  • Cheryl September 2, 2010 (8:41 pm)

    Wow. That was quite a tale. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out, especially since Victims A, B and C don’t exactly sound like model citizens (@ least not given the details provided here).

  • Cheryl September 2, 2010 (9:02 pm)

    Btw, that came out as if I were blaming the victims. Didn’t mean it that way (except perhaps Victim C who may have been “in” on this?)…. I’m just really glad to hear the suspects have been caught so quickly & it sounds like THEY will be going away for a really long time, if not forever, and since they are Grade A Creeps already, that’s clearly not a bad thing.

  • RJB September 3, 2010 (10:10 am)

    WOW, what a tangled web….glad they are off the streets. Still wondering if victim C really was “in on it” or if the criminals are not going down alone.

  • bridge to somewhere September 3, 2010 (1:08 pm)

    Regardless of who was in on it and who wasn’t, here’s hoping “Suspect A” was right and he’s now going to be in jail for life. I mean, what a COMPLETE idiot: you know it’s your third strike offense, so what do you do? You rob someone who apparently knows you, and you don’t even leave the state after you committ the crime. There’s a Darwin award in there somewhere, I suspect . . .

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