Overnight: Assault w/deadly weapons, car fire

(Anonymous reader-submitted photo, altered to obscure license plate)

We’re checking now on a couple of overnight incidents. First, reports of a car fire around 3 AM on the 3400 block of California Ave SW. Tipsters tell us that there was so much smoke that a few people who live close to the location of the fire had to temporarily evacuate their houses. No word yet from the fire department but we’ll post an update here later if we get any details.

And just before 5 AM, police responded to an assault with deadly weapons call at a house on the 1700 block of SW Brandon. Det. Mark Jamieson of the SPD media unit tells us this morning that one person died there as the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

As we’ve said before, suicide is an epidemic that needs to be addressed, not ignored as is the policy of some media, so we report about it here as well as homicide cases (which are outnumbered in King County by suicides). For those who have thought about it — the local Crisis Clinic is there to help: 206/461-3222. There’s a national hotline at 800/SUICIDE.

UPDATE 11:11 AM: We have confirmation now from Seattle Fire Department spokesperson Dana Vander Houwen who says investigators have determined that this fire was intentionally set. Damage to the 1994 Ford Explorer SUV was estimated to be around $3,000.

We also received information this morning that the owners of the SUV, who apparently reside at the address where it was parked, were stopped by police while driving by the scene in another vehicle. We checked with Lt. Norm James at the Southwest Precinct this morning who could confirm only that the Arson Bomb Squad was called to the fire scene to investigate and that it is still an open case. He also said that a “suspicious vehicle” was stopped in the vicinity of the fire and three adults (two males and one female) were arrested for narcotics and subsequently booked into King County Jail.

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  • Silly Goose September 2, 2010 (10:27 am)

    So was this car fire arson, stolen vehicle, need more info please.

  • Que September 2, 2010 (10:49 am)

    @Silly Goose,

    “No word yet from the fire department but we’ll post an update here later if we get any details.”

    WSB has already said that they will get us more info when they get it.

  • Lefty September 2, 2010 (11:12 am)

    The car belongs to people living in that apartment. Police found chemicals for making meth in the vehicle. They believe the owners were high on meth and torched their own car. They apprehended some suspects who kept driving by and had been spotted at the home earlier in the night.

  • RG September 2, 2010 (12:54 pm)

    Thank you WSB for not ignoring suicide. The stigma of mental health illness and mental health disorders will lessen the more it is brought out into the open; more people suffering can get help before resorting to the permanent solution of suicide.

  • Tanej September 2, 2010 (1:11 pm)

    What’s going on at 9617 41st Ave.SW? Looks like a big call-out!

  • justme September 2, 2010 (2:14 pm)

    I wish the landlord where this car fire was last night would get their act together and get rid of these low lifes that live here. I have been listening to their screaming rants for weeks now. They have damaged the building and are a menace to the neighborhood.
    What a bunch of trash! MOVE THEM OUT!

  • Que September 2, 2010 (2:17 pm)

    @Tanej – the 911 log looks like it was a Medical Response

  • christopherboffoli September 2, 2010 (2:23 pm)

    Though we normally don’t respond to medical calls like this one, we did decide that this was worth checking out as it was an unusually large call-out. The call was still open when we arrived but SFD had already cleared from the location. We subsequently learned that it was a serious medical call with a 50 year-old victim who was transported to Virginia Mason. It looked like more equipment than it was because they shuffled some fire units mid-call.

  • george September 2, 2010 (2:30 pm)

    Don’t forget the dude walking down the middle of the street on Fauntleroy between Hudson and Findley last night. Wanted someone to end it for him.

  • Been There September 2, 2010 (2:41 pm)

    I concurr with the coverage of mental health and suicide. The more it is brought out into the open, the more likely people who are hurting will learn of and seek out help.

    • WSB September 2, 2010 (3:01 pm)

      Thanks. We have discussed this here previously, repeatedly, and we stand firmly in the corner of “more people die each year of suicide than homicide and we have to stop ignoring it.” But we also follow the guidelines that are suggested by experts – include information on how to get help, do not dwell on or romanticize the circumstances of the incident, etc. … TR

  • (required) September 2, 2010 (10:50 pm)

    Hey George — I saw that kid. Young, blonde hair, utterly determined to kill homself, walking straight up the middle of the north bound lane with a look of determination to be hit and killed. Who was that? What happend to him? Right in front of the Fairmont park…WSB??

  • West Seattlite September 7, 2010 (5:55 pm)

    Landlord’s name (for the methlabbers) is easily found by a search of King County records, etc. Thinking of checking with her myself…

  • Long Time West Seattle Resident September 9, 2010 (5:29 pm)

    To the neighbor that posted that comments reguarding the supposedly “meth” heads that live in their neighborhood and want them out. I can see your concern, but where is our human compassion for this disease that has become and epidemic amoung our fellow neighbors and or family. The neighbor who you love so much, that you talk to every day, that is a doctor, attorney etc. may also be dealing with this disease. The disease of addiction does not discriminate on your race or status in the community. It is a devastating issue that is taking lives of many loved ones. Instead of judging where is the your compassion. Don’t be so judmental, the addiction could be closer in your family than you ever know. Instead of bashing people, lets pray for them or maybe give them information on a treatment facility. You reaching out, could save anothers loved ones life. This is the West Seattle I knew and grew up in. A community where we helped those in need. All you yuppies that have taken in over may want to think twice about throwing stones. Are you sure you have no skeletons in your closet?

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