No facelift this weekend for the Roxhill “R,” after all

A few weeks back, Donn DeVore from the Westwood Neighborhood Council put out the call for help with an unusual project – help spruce up the “R” at Roxhill Elementary. But now the project’s on hold, according to a note from Donn:

Unfortunately we are going to have to postpone the painting event this weekend to some future date. Initially we received positive and enthusiastic support from the Roxhill Elementary School staff earlier in August, and based on these discussions we set a date for the painting of the ‘R’. Unfortunately, Seattle Public Schools has not given us the final go ahead due to a potential of lead paint on the existing ‘R’. Without their approval, Roxhill cannot allow us to paint the ‘R’.

He says they’re looking for more sponsorship help too, after learning that promised help from McLendon Hardware wouldn’t go as far as they’d thought:

I will be researching and enlisting the help of additional company sponsorships over the next week to be able to do the project appropriately. The West Seattle Tool Library has offered us any tools that we could use at no charge. Hopefully we can work on this project in the near future.

2 Replies to "No facelift this weekend for the Roxhill "R," after all"

  • Noelle September 9, 2010 (10:48 am)

    Wow! Red-tape is annoying!

  • digidoll September 9, 2010 (3:01 pm)

    Wow, how old is that “R” anyway? It has to be at least 33 years old in order to have lead paint, since it was BANNED in the US in 1977. Reminds me of the landlord next door to me saying that the Sec8 inspector wouldn’t let him rent as a Sec8 because my newly-scraped-in-prep-for-painting fence was “flaking lead paint”! I handed him a paint brush and told him to help cover it up. Like my fence was 30+ years old, riiiiiight. Who are these city govt workers who approve permits?

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