Video: Myrtle Reservoir Park nears completion

(Story and Photos by Christopher Boffoli)

If you’ve driven past 35th Ave & SW Myrtle lately, you may have noticed a burst of activity at the new Myrtle Reservoir Park. Virginia Hassinger, Project Planner at Seattle Parks & Recreation, says that the project is nearing completion and should be finished by late September or early October.

However, you still may see some construction equipment at the park as crews continue to finish pouring concrete, installing benches and handrails as well as grading, before landscaping and planting can begin. They still also need to complete the irrigation system.

Despite challenges presented by the topography of the site, Hassinger says they were successful in keeping pathway grades at or below 5%, which is in line with their goal of making the park wheelchair accessible.

Playground equipment is now in place and just yesterday workers were installing a fabric underlay which Ohno Construction site supervisor Lee Falk says will soon be covered with a wood-based, environmentally friendly mulch.

Situated near the top of the park, at the edge of the reservoir cap, is a new sundial area which offers arresting views of downtown Seattle and the Cascades beyond. When complete, the sundial will feature concrete markers that will be arranged in line with various hills around Seattle, visible from that point. The names of the hills and their respective elevations are inlaid into the top of each marker.

The Myrtle Reservoir Park project is one of dozens of park projects funded by the City of Seattle’s Pro Parks Levy. Construction began in June.

14 Replies to "Video: Myrtle Reservoir Park nears completion"

  • Mookie September 2, 2010 (5:29 pm)

    I didn’t expect those pictures to fill my heart with joy, but they really did! Looking forward to the launch of this charming new park.

  • sarelly September 2, 2010 (5:41 pm)

    I’m very concerned about the lack of a crosswalk at the park on 35th. I have seen elementary school aged children cross 35th Ave alone in that area, and the attraction of a playground will only increase the danger as there is more of a reason to cross there. People drive too fast on the slope from Willow to Morgan. I wish the City would do something about traffic on 35th. There have been many accidents on this strip in the past couple of years.

  • Silly Goose September 2, 2010 (6:06 pm)

    Looking Good so excited to try out the new play equipment, this has been a long time coming only wish the skate park was here also.

    @sarelly you can request a crosswalk and the city will come out and do a study to see if it warrants one!

  • Sage September 2, 2010 (6:37 pm)

    Sure wish they could secure the various SPU facilities with something nicer than barbed wire.

  • CurlyQ September 2, 2010 (7:02 pm)

    Gorgeous. Terrific use of the highest point in Seattle with the sundial area too–I can imagine school kids taking field trips there to learn more about their city. This is our tax dollars at work, folks–nice job I’d say!

  • Lou September 2, 2010 (7:38 pm)

    Awesome park…we are very excited for its opening. Thank You Seattle.

  • add September 2, 2010 (8:41 pm)

    We live right near this, and drive past nearly every day, and I didn’t even notice some of the really nice design elements going in! Can’t wait to check it out on foot!

  • Cheryl September 2, 2010 (8:45 pm)

    Beautiful!! Can’t wait to take my 4 yr old daughter there to play!

  • Brontosaurus September 2, 2010 (11:20 pm)

    My son can’t wait for the park to open. He can’t wait for a tour of the new fire station either!

  • tom | tall clover farm September 3, 2010 (8:07 am)

    That’s some view, and one handsomely framed by some beautiful Sequoias. I think West Seattle has a enviable new picnic spot for all of us.

  • k2 September 3, 2010 (9:58 am)

    seriously? What ever happened to normal playground equip? that thing looks like an eye sore.

    just like the one on 26th near cottage grove park

  • Dunno September 3, 2010 (10:38 am)

    I agree about the crossing of 35th! Very few from east of 35th will go to the crosswalk north and south of there. Kids coming from the High Point community center will come directly across a very dangerous 35th and Willow where cars scream down the hill!

  • Silly Goose September 3, 2010 (5:01 pm)

    @k2 are you serious, kids love things like this not only is it good for large muscle development but it is so expansive they can actually swing, crawl, jump, and move without smacking into each other. I think this play structure looks like it will hold alot of children whom are going to have a blast!! Thank you parks department!!

  • Bryan F September 4, 2010 (11:46 am)

    Exciting! My wife and I are planning to move into a house a few blocks to the north in a few weeks, and looking forward to visiting this site frequently.

    Professionally, I work in the environmental planning field, currently working with water infrastructure, and have had a long interest in park/public space conservation and development. This project is potentially a great model for showing how those two arenas can be combined to create a vibrant multi-purpose site.

    I can’t recall now, but is Seattle Parks planning to put in interpretive signs? I also see this as an educational opportunity, discussing the community need for fresh water, why this site was selected, how it functions, and possibly including water conservation tips.

    Can’t wait to see the finished park!

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