West Seattle scene: Fistful of Mercy a traffic-stopper at Easy Street

(Photos by Christopher Boffoli)
If you drove through The Junction tonight and spotted the huge crowd spilling into the street from Easy Street Records – big night for music fans. The store hosted – free! – the public debut of Fistful of Mercy, a new group with three names you might recognize: Ben Harper, Joseph Arthur, and Dhani Harrison. Hundreds showed up for a glimpse and a listen:

Fistful of Mercy is based in Venice, California. They’ve got a website – but it looks like you’ll find out about them right now on the band’s Facebook page. ADDED 10:17 PM: From comments, here’s video shot and uploaded to YouTube by “k”:

And Christopher’s clip from the crowd-in-the-street perspective:

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  • Leroniusmonkfish August 26, 2010 (9:22 pm)

    Only WestSeattledood noticed my post in the forums section and apparently brought along a few of his friends!

    • WSB August 26, 2010 (10:05 pm)

      LMonkfish, I retweeted Easy Street’s Twitter announcement of this, made yesterday, but didn’t realize it was a Really Giant Deal or else we would have previewed it on the home page too. Thank heavens ace phojo Christopher was available to go check out the crowd on short notice once WSD tipped us to the magnitude of the crowd … TR

  • westseattledood August 26, 2010 (9:23 pm)

    Thank you Easy Street!
    Thank you Ben, Dhani & Joseph!

    What a great sound. What a great venue. What a great crowd. What a great summer night.

    Perfect. Love you West Seattle!

  • Noelle August 26, 2010 (9:50 pm)

    Ben Harper is one of my faves! Love his music!

  • Manolita August 26, 2010 (9:56 pm)

    Aha! That’s where everybody was! We were the Admiral Concert at Hiawatha…

  • CB August 26, 2010 (10:11 pm)

    Damn… how did I miss this?

  • k August 26, 2010 (10:14 pm)

    thought i would share some video i shot tonight. it was great to be there!


    • WSB August 26, 2010 (10:16 pm)

      Nice, “k”! I’m going to embed that in the post too – I was hoping somebody would have video! Bonus that it’s you :) – TR

  • k August 26, 2010 (10:32 pm)

    a few photos i took tonight too. great to see the turnout tonight! according to sources there, Ben Harper decided he wanted the show to be at Easy Street on Monday.

  • SAM August 26, 2010 (11:46 pm)

    I am glad everyone enjoyed the show. Easy Street is a West Seattle tradition and I commend their support of new and upcomming local musicians but why were these people allowed to block the street and harass motorists.

  • C. White August 27, 2010 (3:39 am)

    History in the making, this is so amazing! Ben, Dhani, & Joseph, all three of these brilliant artists together, and Jessy on violin…..ohhh yeahhh!!

  • Gene August 27, 2010 (6:28 am)

    Come to St. Paul-Minneapolis!

  • MB August 27, 2010 (7:42 am)

    So bummed I missed it too! LOVE Ben Harper!

  • Left Turner August 27, 2010 (7:56 am)

    Yeah, was a good time, but that building was WAY over capacity. Fortunately, my wife and I are both tall people. I casually commented to her in the event of an emergency “just climb onto the cd cases…”

    We happened to be in store picking up some music when the three of them walked in – Dhani Harrison wondered why all of Ben Harper’s music was on display, but none of his…made my wife chuckle. Ben seemed to be super nice, especially since there were a couple people there obviously just looking for autographs (they grabbed a bunch of BH merch off the shelves when he got out of his SUV and was standing outside the front entrance). Ended up watching the show amongst the KEXP/103.7 clique. Shawn Stewart gave my wife a hard time for not making a little more room for her, but squeezing in a little more space for Kevin Cole. Oh well, we recognized him…lol. Anyway, like I said, it was a good time! And thank god it wasn’t 80 degrees yesterday – it got HOT in there!

  • Becky August 27, 2010 (8:39 am)

    It was their first ever performance and they played as if it were there 200th. Such remarkable quality and truly wonderful songs.

  • Juice August 27, 2010 (8:49 am)

    This was a great show, I cant wait to see some more!

  • debra evershed August 27, 2010 (9:31 am)

    wow!! it would have been great to bwe walking down that street on that day and experiencing you guys.absolutely love this.. nice arrangement Ben and friends xo

  • westseattledood August 27, 2010 (9:48 am)

    Hey all –

    I was sitting next to the stage and got some decent enough interior video, though it was on the iphone…folks who couldn’t be there or see the stage might appreciate this.

    More will be added as I have time. I’ll also put up some pics and link that here later. Enjoy!

    And thanks again to Easy Street Records and all of the crowd who made it such a great event!


  • HDSportyfreak August 27, 2010 (11:04 am)

    WOW! What Talent! I couldn’t help but think I’m glad I came!!! Thanks Easy Street!

  • Dany Frohlich August 27, 2010 (11:39 am)

    Jesus! They are great!!Amazing sound and beautiful melodies. I can’t wait to see these guys.

  • I. Ponder August 27, 2010 (1:20 pm)

    I didn’t go, but saw the crowds developing as I went to get takeout from Maharaja. I’ve lived in this hood for 20 years, and am thrilled to see West Seattle has such a thriving grass-roots culture scene.

  • Alkira August 27, 2010 (4:08 pm)

    Ben Harper is simply a gift. Congrats to Easy Street on landing this incredible instore opp with FOM. Loved that one of the dudes was wearing a KEXP tee, as well.

  • Eastmeetsnw August 27, 2010 (5:21 pm)

    Oh man I would’ve loved to review this it looks like it was awesome!

  • Zubyre August 27, 2010 (7:46 pm)

    Love the performance by Joseph Arthur. Great little vid, quaint blog, too.

  • Cait August 27, 2010 (9:51 pm)

    Am I mistaken or is Dhani Harrison George Harrison’s son?

    • WSB August 27, 2010 (10:34 pm)

      According to something I read after writing this – yes, he is!

  • Antonio August 28, 2010 (5:12 pm)

    this is Antonio, from Italy. We met at the fish sandwich shop in Pike Market, Seattle. Thanks for inviting me to Easy Street. If you need anything when you travel through Italy let me know, I live in Viterbo near Florence and Perugia, my wife and I will be honored to be of any help, your music makes us dream!

  • Leroniusmonkfish August 28, 2010 (6:44 pm)

    The band must have appreciated the outpouring of love from everyone as they changed their Facebook “Hometown” from Santa Monica to Seattle!


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