Primary Election 2010: Heavey, Fitzgibbon leading 34th Pos. 2; McDermott, Toledo leading County Council

(Scroll down for updates – now that numbers are in, we’re off visiting campaign parties)

(King County Elections photo from their HQ, cars lined up to drop off ballots by 8 pm)
The first and only results that King County is making public tonight have just come out. In our area’s two major races – each with four candidates going for an open seat, and the top two advancing to November once ALL the votes are counted and the election is certified:

(Rep. Sharon Nelson isn’t running for re-election – she’s unopposed for State Senate)
Heavey first 34%, Fitzgibbon second 33%, McElroy third 19%, Stone fourth 14%

Full results here

(Councilmember Jan Drago isn’t running for the seat to which she was appointed early this year)
McDermott first 59%, Toledo second 20%, McEvoy third 13%, Fahey fourth 7%

Full results here

All King County results are linked here. We’ll add other highlights of interest shortly, and we’ll be adding candidate reaction as we get it. Meantime, if you still haven’t voted – it’s not too late – you can mail it till midnight at Riverton Heights (near Sea-Tac; see our earlier story).


(Tim Fahey being interviewed by Q13’s Parella Lewis, with Mac McElroy looking on outside his pub)
8:41 PM: We were at Geoffrey “Mac” McElroy‘s party at his Triangle Pub in White Center when the results came in – with at least four other members of the media sighted. Now we’ve moved on to Fauntleroy, to Mike Heavey‘s campaign party, a gathering of family and friends (iPhone photo at right, as the candidate posed with varying combinations of people from both those groups). Both locations so far have been full of good cheer, despite the varying results. McElroy’s party also was visited by two other candidates – Ray Carter, the “reluctant Republican” challenging Democratic Rep. Eileen Cody, and Tim Fahey, who is currently fourth of 4 in the King County Council race. We are moving on to other locations shortly. Just interviewed Heavey, who foresees the general-election campaign, apparently against Fitzgibbon, as “a battle for the ages” – with voters being asked to choose “what kind of Democrat” they support. 10:16 PM: We’ve also caught up with Joe Fitzgibbon, whose supporters were celebrating at Heartland Café in the Admiral District:

Video from the frontrunners, coming up. And again, tonight’s vote is nowhere near final – King County Elections will release vote totals daily, until the final results are out on September 1st – two weeks away. ADDED 12:25 AM: Quick comments on video from Heavey, Fitzgibbon and McElroy:

12 Replies to "Primary Election 2010: Heavey, Fitzgibbon leading 34th Pos. 2; McDermott, Toledo leading County Council"

  • visitor August 17, 2010 (10:08 pm)

    <3 Eileen Cody, so glad she is winning!!! But OMG how stupid can people get? voting for Mike Heavey???? Do they think he is his father? By far the weakest candidate in the bunch. :-(

  • Laf Parent August 17, 2010 (10:41 pm)

    Go Toledo Go…I am so proud of you and all your hard work, it is paying off. People are seeing the truth and voting for it.

  • HelperMonkey August 18, 2010 (7:17 am)

    WSB, I like the new layout on this article with the three little videos next to each other at the bottom. looks sharp, saves space!

    • WSB August 18, 2010 (7:49 am)

      Thanks – made sense because they’re (a) all head shot “soundbites” and (b) in two cases, the lighting was bad and therefore our video’s not so great anyway … so we set it up this way. Did something similar with the forum we covered on Vashon a few weeks ago, with headshot video of all four candidates in both big races – TR

  • Carson August 18, 2010 (8:16 am)

    I am a little bummed out Toledo won. That means we have 2 more months of looking at her signs all over public property despite being illegal. I hope she gets her hat handed to her by McDermott.

  • OP August 18, 2010 (9:23 am)

    No, Carson, you have disdain for Toledo’s stances, which would be fine if you didn’t attempt to mask it with such a transparently dishonest and weak nit over where her signs are placed. Just admit you’re an unapologetic leftist ideologue and move on.

  • Carson August 18, 2010 (9:40 am)


    I don’t have a clue what her stances are. I emailed her as well as any other person who had a sign I saw that was illegal. She never responded and her signs are still there. McDermott (among others) replied and said he was sorry, asked where the signs were and had them removed by the end of the day. I don’t care what her stances are, when she has so little respect for something that simple I wish her nothing but the worst of luck.

  • Carson August 18, 2010 (9:53 am)

    OP, I actually took the time to read her website. Besides the fact that she really likes animals (horses more than anything) I didn’t really find anything about her. What taxes she would raise, or spending cuts she would propose to balance the county budget. I have no clue what private or public sector job she has ever held that would qualify her to be a librarian, let alone serve in the County Council. She has cute kids, not sure that qualifies her. So besides the fact that she has no problem flouting the sign law, why would I, or anyone vote for her?

  • OP August 18, 2010 (2:01 pm)

    Carson: While you were so busy “reading” her website (I bet that hurt, huh), perhaps you’d care to point on McDermott’s site where he outlines anything of substance, other than who really, really likes him under “Endorsements”. While her site may contain political puffery like most candidates, she at least has addresses things like fiscal responsibility, creating a business-friendly atmosphere for creating local jobs. McDermott? Nada. Zip. Crickets and tumbleweeds. (One has to dig into the state site to find how he voted. Thanks for the site transparency, Joe.) Yet, instead of acknowledging his lack of information, you waste your time and energy over the placement of some signs. Pathetic.

    In the end, don’t worry about Mrs. Toledo. If the 34th District ever elected a person that even remotely leaned to the right, I’d sit in the middle of the intersection at California and Alaska, boil my shoes and eat them. You’ll get your entrenched Dhimmie politician who’ll continue running the county into the mire just like you always do. Enjoy the view on the way down.

  • Carson August 18, 2010 (2:11 pm)

    OP, I would never claim to endorse McDermott, or even claim I know him. But my one contact with him was, well, better than my non contact with Toledo. I am sure when Toledo figures out all politics is local and even more so when its REAL local she will do better. Toledo also does not address the key issues at hand today, for example does she support the tax increase for public safety? (I don’t). I don’t know where McDermott stands to be honest, well, with the exception of illegal campaign signs, but given his actual response to a citizen that took the time to write him, I am sure he will do just fine.

  • OP August 18, 2010 (3:29 pm)

    I don’t know where McDermott stands to be honest.

    So, based on your one, lone interaction with him over a petty sign issue, this signals deep character strength to you. Heck, by all means, he’s earned your vote! Brilliant.

  • Carson August 18, 2010 (4:43 pm)

    It all starts with a single interaction, and Toledo blew up. And from the results, I am not the only one who feels that way….

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