West Seattle Summer Fest: Road and bus changes the next 3 days

(Scene from early Summer Fest setup on Thursday evening)
With West Seattle Summer Fest officially starting less than 12 hours from now – 10 am Friday – we wanted to remind you of a few practical points that might affect how you get around West Seattle in the next three days, even if you’re not going to the festival:

ROAD CLOSURES: These are in effect till at least mid-evening Sunday – the roads will reopen when everything from the festival is cleared: California SW is closed from SW Oregon to SW Edmunds, the two blocks in the heart of The Junction’s business district. Oregon is open to east-west through traffic, but then California is closed again for most of the block north from Oregon to SW Genesee (that’s where you’ll find the Art Dive, among other attractions). The only east-west closure is SW Alaska, from 44th SW to 42nd SW.

BUSES: Summer Fest-related “stops missed”/”reroute” advisories are listed for multiple Metro routes and one Sound Transit route. If you go to the Metro “events” page, you’ll find the link for yours (each affected route links to a PDF with the specific changes) – these are the ones that are listed.
*Route 22 has an advisory through midnight Sunday
*Route 37 has an advisory through 5 pm Saturday
*Route 51, through midnight Sunday
*Route 53, all day Friday
*Route 54, through midnight Sunday
*Route 55, through midnight Sunday
*Route 57, through 7 pm Friday
*Route 85 Night Owl, through Saturday
*Route 128, two advisories – one is through midnight Saturday, one covers 6 am-9 pm Sunday
*Route 560 (Sound Transit), through midnight Sunday
*Route 773 (Water Taxi shuttle), through midnight Sunday

The Summer Fest website isn’t working at the moment (likely updating before tomorrow) or else we would add a blurb here about changes to the festival layout – most notably, the Alaska stage for live music is on the west side of SW Alaska, instead of the east side as in years past – so we’ll reserve that till the morning.

5 Replies to "West Seattle Summer Fest: Road and bus changes the next 3 days"

  • Cheryl July 8, 2010 (10:45 pm)

    T – any link to info on how we can get TO/FROM the summer festival via public transport from points south (eg lower Fauntleroy) or north (eg Admiral)? Or are we limited to bike/foot, or park/walk?


    • WSB July 8, 2010 (10:54 pm)

      Any bus to The Junction will take you there. It’ll just stop a little short of where it usually does. NO buses are cancelled – just stopping at different places in The Junction since SW Alaska is closed. From Fauntleroy, you can take the 54; from Admiral, I honestly am not sure – try the Trip Planner, I’m not sure about the north/south bus along California on the weekends.

  • Tina July 9, 2010 (12:01 am)

    From Admiral you can take the 128, 51, or the 55. All will get you to the junction.

  • ScottA July 9, 2010 (6:08 am)

    I find that the maps.google.com transit directions generally works very well if you’re looking form bus route info. Obviously it may not have detailed re-route info for street closures but its interface is great and it has good links to Metro’s website when you get to the point of researching exact detour alerts.

  • miws July 9, 2010 (12:52 pm)

    Also expect, later in the day especially, that the buses may be running late. Especially those that come from Downtown.


    With festivals and stuff going on all over the City, and if there’s an M’s game, there can be signifcant delays.


    So, be sure the little ones have pottied before heading to catch the bus back home, and be nice to your bus driver! ;)



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