Video: Fire call at Ash Grove Cement; ‘smoke’ and dust seen

(photo added 9:04 pm, see explanation below)
ORIGINAL 8:35 PM REPORT: Just mentioning this because so many have e-mailed and texted about it. We also saw the apparent smoke that, according to the 911 log, came from the Ash Grove Cement facility on East Marginal Way (map). It was originally a “fire in building” call; however, the call was already “closed” less than half an hour after it started. So what was it? No info yet but we’ll try to find out. That may be tough – we just reached someone who answered “control room” at the plant, and as we started to identify ourselves as news media, they said “You’ll have to call back Tuesday morning” and hung up.

ADDED 9:04 PM: From Dan Berger, the photo above and this note:

Driving south on E. Marginal on my way back to W. Seattle @ 8:05 pm. I observed a large plume of ash pouring out of the top of a silo at the Ash Grove Cement plant. The plume completely obscured visibility down E. Marginal past the plant. Attached is a photo taken about 15 min. later, with the cloud subsiding. At this point there is now just a wispy haze south of the plant. No idea how much dust coated the neighborhood.

We have just driven past the plant on East Marginal – we could see, from a distance, at least one fire truck getting hosed off near the plant’s entrance road. There’s definitely some dust being kicked up as we drive along East Marginal, but not enough to show on a photo.

ADDED 11:33 PM: We’ve received video from Michelle, shot while what looked like smoke was pouring from one side of the plant. Focus on the left side of one of the silos in the center of the frame:

If no information emerges sooner, we will be checking back on Tuesday, as suggested.

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  • miws July 3, 2010 (10:40 pm)

    That explains the rather intense smoke smell here on the Thriftway block maybe an hour or so ago.


    At first, I just figured somebody nearby was using a fireplace or woodstove, but it kept getting more intense. It’s all but gone now, just faintly lingering in my apartment (just sniffed out the window, and don’t smell smoke outside anymore.)


    Funny thing is, by the time the smoke smell hit here, I didn’t even associate it with the E. Marginal call, which I noticed while it was still open, when I checked the SFD 911 Log after hearing a bunch of sirens around then, which apparently was one of the fairly common calls down to the Kenney.



  • charlabob July 4, 2010 (12:30 am)

    Apparently the corporation is “handling it privately”, which is why information is a bit scarce. hmmmm. sounds a lot like what BP was doing. Sorry, just saying.

  • Lesley July 4, 2010 (6:27 am)

    Weird. I thought I smelled sulfur really strongly at that time, and just figured it was from people setting off fireworks in the neighborhood. I live near Camp Long.

  • miws July 4, 2010 (6:49 am)

    Well yes! Corporate self-policing is much more trustworthy than Government interference! *rollseyes*



  • patricia davis July 4, 2010 (1:57 pm) has pictures/video (thankfully) Yep, this was a MAJOR POLLUTION EVENT! From the Admiral District (shortly after 8:00 pm) Sat. July 3rd I saw multiple hundred of feet of particulate over the Duwamish waterway and headed south/southwest. I called 911: Fire Dept on the way (thanks you guys!) As I drove over the bridge (took photos) it was like watching 911 again: massive concrete dust. The top of the building was like a waterfall of dark dust (concrete I assume) falling to the ground. zero visibility. Unreal. That stuff is nasty to breathe and many many people (including children did) It seems safe to safe it went in water, air, on the plants (think garden here!) and there it sits. Puget Sound Clean Air was not able to be reached. Please make complaints to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency also to Dept of Ecology and the EPA. This was a major toxic event. Watch to see if they get fined: bet they don’t. PSCA needs “support” to enforce these things (like BP) Oh well….it was an accident. In my opinion (and I report to PSCA alot) industry gets away with “murder” here in Seattle. Google search what is in concrete.

  • Joe July 4, 2010 (4:03 pm)

    Thanks for the information Patricia!

  • anonyme July 4, 2010 (5:27 pm)

    I smelled it all the way up in Arbor Heights. I had nausea and a splitting headache; had to go inside and close the windows. I’ve noticed multiple events like this in the last 2-3 months. We MUST get this place shut down. I will start with PSCA, but I’m thinking organized demonstrations with gas masks and media?

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