Live at West Seattle Summer Fest, afternoon #1: Slide on down

(“Big Purple Slide,” which you’ll find in front of Rocksport at Summer Fest)
It’s noon and West Seattle Summer Fest is now cranking into high gear for its first afternoon. We’re in the Information Booth again this year – what’s new is the community (Alaska) stage just feet from us, in front of KeyBank. It’s where TILA Real Estate is about to put on its first West Seattle “Minute to Win It” contest – if you don’t see them at the stage, they’ll be down by PETCO.
(video added – here are the first contestants, Oreo-balancing)

Very nice breeze coming through right now. 12:31 PM UPDATES: Outside the Senior Center of West Seattle, you’ll find Sound View Quilters, selling $1 raffle tickets for this gorgeous quilt:

Proceeds benefit the Senior Center, which is where the quilting group meets. Another update: Who’s scheduled to be in the Community Tent today – till 2, the Water Taxi, Emergency Preparedness, Streets for All, and West Seattle Helpline/Clothesline; 2-5 pm, Water Taxi, Streets for All, and West Seattle Helpline continue, with La Leche League joining them. (Update – just talked to Admiral Neighborhood Association president Katy Walum – they’re in the community area all day too, selling their cool new Admiral T-shirts and other gear.)

To get to the community-group area, just head toward Junction Plaza Park, east from Cupcake Royale (WSB sponsor). One West Seattle Summer Fest fixture is West Seattle Hi-Yu – their award-winning “Dreams Do Come True” float is parked up on California north of Oregon, by Fleurt – you can buy a Hi-Yu button there and/or from the Hi-Yu folks roaming the festival zone (look for the signs and/or red polo shirts):

And a note about where to find food – in addition to all the restaurants that are always here at The Junction, some of which have outdoor areas just for the occasion, there’s the vendor zone west and east of Walk-All-Ways – plus, for example, Jack Miller of Husky Deli is cooking and serving right outside his popular store:

Pagliacci Pizza has a setup outside its Junction store too:

And of course, there’s the sidewalk-sale aspect of Summer Fest – if you’re an Apple devotee (we are), your Apple guy in The Junction is Brian Presser from TouchTech Systems, out in front of the building where his office is on the breezeway, by the liquor store:

Much more to come – our earlier reports include “what’s new/what’s changed,” road closures/bus reroutes, the Art Dive participant list, the Parents’ Rest Stop (scroll down through this archive). Reminder that tonight’s music highlight is Satchel, 8:30 pm, followed by Hell’s Belles.

NOTE: We’ve started a 2nd report about day 1 – so updates are over on this one – coverage continues here.

14 Replies to "Live at West Seattle Summer Fest, afternoon #1: Slide on down"

  • GenHillOne July 9, 2010 (1:00 pm)

    Ouch, I smell burning flesh – maybe they could offer blocks of ice to ride down that slide! And I thought the “Parent’s Rest Stop” was the beer garden ;) Seriously though, looking forward to heading over; thanks for the updates!

  • berge July 9, 2010 (1:21 pm)

    At the Fremont Fair they had rugs to slide on (if I remember right?) so no burning flesh. :)

    Are they charging for the slide?

  • HolyKow July 9, 2010 (1:56 pm)

    The ones I have seen give you the = of a burlap sack, which does quite well, actually…


    • WSB July 9, 2010 (1:57 pm)

      I’m about to walk that way, will check the price – Loved these things when I was, um, young. Growing up in LA, they had triple wide versions of them every few miles or so. Called them Super Slides. I’ve only seen them at the Puyallup Fair in recent years, till today …

  • Diane July 9, 2010 (2:22 pm)

    I would also like to know if there is cost to ride slide; and if any age requirements; I’m babysitting a 4 yr old who would love it

    • WSB July 9, 2010 (2:41 pm)

      Slide is $3/one ride, and a discount for three which has just escaped me, I didn’t write it down. Didn’t see requirements. I’ll have to go over and look again when I can :)

  • Tim July 9, 2010 (2:56 pm)

    You have to be 2, is the requirement I believe and it was 3 rides for $7.

  • GAnative July 9, 2010 (3:13 pm)

    If its the same slide that was in Winslow last weekend (and it looks like it) I think the discount is $7 for 3 rides. And small children were riding in adult’s laps.

  • MargL July 9, 2010 (3:19 pm)

    Speaking of burning flesh – it -is- something to keep in mind with this hot weather! We were doing the bouncy houses/slides this morning before it got too warm and parts of the vinyl were getting quite warm! Kids running around on asphalt in bare feet?
    And check your deck, too!

  • JanS July 9, 2010 (4:21 pm)

    that poor child. I have a neuropathy in my feet that prevents me from feeling hot and cold, among other things, so have to be very careful. I remember salt water sandals for kids…sturdy yet cool…many things to think about in this warm weather.

    I am only barefoot at home on carpets now …

  • Delridge Denizen July 9, 2010 (5:03 pm)

    Rats. When I first saw the picture I hoped it meant they’d opened the new 4th Ave. S exit ramp.

    • WSB July 9, 2010 (5:04 pm)

      Comment of the day!

  • sophista-tiki July 9, 2010 (8:31 pm)

    Can big kids go on the slide? (meaning kids in their 40’s) When I was little they had one of these at the mall in grat falls Mt. I LOVED THAT THING!!! we got carpet samples to sit on for the ride down.

  • Tim July 10, 2010 (7:12 am)

    I always enjoy he tFest and have gone every year. This year I was not impressed though. We went on Friday evening and arrived at 7pm to find many booths closed. Also, in my opinion, the band at the Junction was way too loud so it was impossible to have conversation. We left because there as so little to see and do and the music was too loud and distorted to enjoy.
    I think changing these two things would make this even a more fun local event. . . stay open a bit later so you can have a stroll after dinner and see the booths and make sure the music is not so poorly amplified.

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