Updates: First-ever Highland Park Sunday Market

FIRST UPDATE, 10:02 AM: The sun is starting to triumph over the clouds at 12th/Holden (map), where the first-ever Highland Park Sunday Market is under way. Good turnout for something that’s brand-new and bound to grow – and some names you’ll likely recognize: Freshy’s Coffee is selling homemade soup, local belly-dancing Troupe Hipnotica is selling unique apparel (and no, it’s not dancing gear, though we’re sure you could dance in it; Kelly from Alki Cab Company is here selling jewelry and wind chimes.

Tiffany Silver-Brace (above), who hatched the market idea, is selling fresh bread (top photo), eggs from her chickens, sourdough starter, and herbs. Photos shortly. If you’ve never been to Highland Park, come out and have a look – this is all unfolding in the lot outside the historic Highland Park Improvement Club (just a couple blocks east of Zippy’s Giant Burgers, if that happens to be your Highland Park . We’re tabling too to cover the kickoff event “live” – come show your support for local vendors and to see the concept grow; the market continues till 1 pm. Dogs and kids welcome – this is pretty laid-back. More photos to come.

10:53 AM: Since the sun isn’t quite all the way through the clouds yet, the four flavors of soup brought by Amber from Freshy’s sound like a particularly good idea. Here’s the menu:

We just took a closer look at some of the arts and crafts – eklectopia is selling custom mugs and glasses, too:

And the table across from ours, with art plus the Troupe Hipnotica apparel (a flyer advertising their tribal-belly-dance instruction too):

11:34 AM: Steady stream of browsers/shoppers, people chatting … Fun to see folks we know and those we hadn’t met yet – like Colleen, who manages the rentals for HPIC (it’s available for events and parties beyond those the club itself and Highland Park Action Committee already own there) and admitted she doesn’t own a computer – but thinks about it from time to time! P.S. We mentioned Kelly from Alki Cab Company earlier – we have her photo, too:

If you haven’t heard of Alki Cab before – that’s cab as in pedicab – as seen on her stickers (a fast-rising classic to add to iconic West Seattle stickers like Easy Street Records, Luna Park Café and the Alki seagull):

You’ve still got more than an hour to get here and check it out; if you miss it, take note, the market will NOT be held next Sunday (the 4th of July) but edition #2 is planned for Sunday, July 11th.

12:45 PM: Very busy this past hour or so – including visitors from other neighborhoods – Justin from White Center-headquartered Full Tilt Ice Cream just came by. We’ve heard from some of the vendors that they’ve done well – again, considering it was the start. Here’s a photo we took within the past hour as noontime browsers shopped and mingled:

We’ll be talking with organizer Tiffany shortly for her thoughts on how it went. Keep an eye on the Highland Park Sunday Market’s Facebook page for updates on future installments.

6 Replies to "Updates: First-ever Highland Park Sunday Market"

  • Catherine June 27, 2010 (4:31 pm)

    The soup was delicious! I got the turkey chili to take to work but couldn’t wait- I ate it today. The chocolate was delicious, too. I regret not buying any. Maybe next week! That was a neat little thing to have down the street.

  • rewinn June 27, 2010 (5:53 pm)

    This was fun! I stopped by, got an iced tea and some chocolately baked thing. We’ll definitely be back for more serious shopping next time!

  • AlkiCabCompany June 27, 2010 (8:49 pm)

    That was fun! My son Alistair was making custom bracelets for the kids. A little boy named Owen bought one and Alistair was so happy to have his first customer. We will be back in two weeks.

  • AlkiCabCompany June 27, 2010 (10:22 pm)

    Also, I still need to get me an Alki Seagull sticker..I will trade someone for some of my stickers. Or tell me where you get them. Coastal had the round ones last time I checked.

    • WSB June 27, 2010 (10:24 pm)

      Linda’s Flowers and Gifts – and I think Alki Mail and Dispatch – are worth checking.

  • Kristin June 30, 2010 (7:15 pm)

    My kids had to much fun painting under the ArT Image Creations tent !!! Please post pictures :)

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