Your official introduction to West Seattle’s newest ladder truck

(Seattle Fire Department photo)
As best we recall, the first media report about the new Ladder 13 came in this report by Seattle Weekly’s Mike Seely last August. We’ve mentioned it a time or two since, most recently in our report last week on the South Park Bridge closure-plan meeting, during which SFD mentioned its imminent deployment from Highland Park’s Station 11 as potential backup for South Park once its bridge closes and cuts off quick access from the other side of the Duwamish. And today, the Fire Department itself is officially introducing Ladder 13 on its Fire Line site. As you’ll see in the SFD update, its main purpose is to make sure our area has enough coverage despite the increased traffic expected during the most intense road construction coming up between here and downtown/SODO – where some crews come from during major responses. You’ve probably seen Ladder 13 (unmarked) around West Seattle, as its crew drove around to get acclimated in the past few months.

3 Replies to "Your official introduction to West Seattle's newest ladder truck"

  • Since 1984 May 4, 2010 (4:31 pm)

    My five-year-old was suuuuper excited as we drove by the truck last night. It is huge.

  • me May 4, 2010 (7:23 pm)


  • SC May 5, 2010 (11:00 pm)

    I lovingly refer to the ladder trucks as “Cramers” because of the Seinfeld episode where Cramer was trying to tell the fire fighters the quickest way to a fire and he ended up driving the back part… I have two driving drive the Zamboni at a Hockey game.. and to drive the back end of a Ladder truck :)

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