@ Westwood Neighborhood Council: From RapidRide to P-Patch

From tonight’s Westwood Neighborhood Council meeting at Southwest Community Center: First, a RapidRide update from Metro’s Paul Roybal. WNC’s Donn DeVore said some in the neighborhood had wondered how far the future bus service will go; Roybal said that the southernmost point will be across the street from Westwood Village near 29th and Barton in front of Roxhill Park. He said at this stop the bus will let passengers out, take a brief break for a couple of minutes, and then go north. Second – Renae Gaines from the Southwest Healthy Youth Partnership said some of its work is winding down because the grant has just a few months left; another one that’s expected by August will only cover programs in the 98116 (north West Seattle) zip code. Though underage drinking/drug use remains a problem just about everywhere, she said, funding for prevention programs is becoming scarce. But the problem will be the subject of a town-hall meeting at Seattle Lutheran High School on April 24. The third and final hot topic: The future P-Patch at 34th/Barton, with development funded by Parks and Green Spaces Levy money. Laura Raymond from the Department of Neighborhoods told the group that the site, which is Seattle Public Utilities property, is in the process of being transferred to DoN, and that is likely to take place within a month. Once the transfer’s complete, she said there’ll be a neighborhood planning meeting for design input on the 10,000-square-foot site, which she described as flat, sunny, and very favorable for gardening.

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  • old timer April 7, 2010 (11:17 pm)

    A comment from the meeting:
    “Though underage drinking/drug use remains a problem just about everywhere, she said, funding for prevention programs is becoming scarce”
    prompts me to ask:
    Is it generally conceded that there is an age when children, while still ‘underage’ are no longer the responsibility of their parents?
    Maybe some stiff fines levied on the parents of the underage troublemakers would provide funds for the prevention programs the parents are apparently unable to provide on their own.
    Then again, it is so much easier to pass off responsibility to the faceless public with the bottomless pockets.
    Never mind…

    • WSB April 8, 2010 (12:53 am)

      OT, I don’t know that fines are within the purview of these folks to levy. But I do know that parental responsibility is part of what they advocate and try to enlist. I have covered a few of the group’s meetings in the past and remember some educational efforts – there has historically even been confusion among parents regarding what is right – hardline total abstinence, serve alcohol at home “because it’s better than them going out to drink somewhere,” or “you can’t order them not to do it because then they’ll only want to do it more so just cross your fingers and HOPE they don’t” … or … ? … As the parent of a teenager and the child of alcoholics, my philosophy is #1, but I would need a refresher course to know what is state-of-the-art parenting advice these days. Back when dinosaurs walked the earth, I recall my mother following the “let them try it and get sick and that’ll cure it” method. Seemed a little risky, in retrospect … TR

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