West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglary alert; suspected drug deals

Two quick Crime Watch notes tonight, one from Westwood and one from Highland Park – read on:

Pete sent this last night:

Thought I’d share for folks not on our block but close to it. Came home to a pink “2nd Burglary Alert” notice on my doorstep from the SPD warning that there has been a 2nd burglary w/in 12 months on the 9000 block of 35th SW [map].

Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Benjamin Kinlow has explained that he has those flyers distributed in blocks without Block Watches, in hopes of encouraging their formation – if a burglary happens on a block that has a Block Watch, he contacts its captain so they can get the word out. (Find out more about Block Watch here.)

And from Greg:

There has been an increase in drug deals near Highland Park Elementary [map] in the last few weeks. Last week I walked right up to a car after a deal went down and watched the guy rolling up his stash, but my cell camera froze before I could snap the plates. Since there’s little the police can do after the fact, I would like to post vehicle descriptions, license numbers on the crimewatch page so we can all keep an eye out for these folks

Date: 4/19/2010
vehicle 1: white honda civic, washington plate #512-S**
vehicle 2: white ford ranger with black offroad lights on the front bumper, washington plate#B821***

The asterisks represent digits we are not publishing; our policy is not to publish specific identifying info for either victims or suspects, such as full addresses and license plate numbers, but partials should be able to help neighbors know if they’re seeing the same vehicles over and over again. Police do reiterate that when you see suspicious activity, call 911 – if you’re making the call as it happens or just afterward – if you’re not making a report till much later, the non-emergency number at 625-5011 is recommended.

3 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglary alert; suspected drug deals"

  • IslandLvr April 24, 2010 (11:13 am)

    I also live in HP and had a drug dealer hanging around our block. I called 911 the last time he was in front of my house after witnessing 2 deals and a police car cruised back and forth down my street for a while after it happened. I am not sure if they ever caught the guy that night, but I have not seen him back since.

    He is extremely easy to identify. He is a light skinned African American man with large boils all over his face. He is around 6 feet and is probably in his 30’s-40’s. He’s always worn a stocking cap when I’ve seen him.

  • T_Bickle April 25, 2010 (6:19 pm)


  • Patricia April 30, 2010 (2:43 pm)

    Sounds like the same man I saw out side the grocery store at 35th and Morgan last evening. Large amount of people hanging out at Walgrens after the altercation yesterday afternoon. I hate having to use the bus stop there.

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