Followup: Lowman Beach neighbor’s new sewer-project website

From the WSB Forums: Lowman Beach Park neighbor Dr. Ron Sterling has set up a website to rally those concerned about the possibility of the park being dug up to place a large wastewater-storage tank underground if King County chooses that as the solution to “combined sewer overflows” (CSO) into Puget Sound. He had the most to say at the county-led public meeting last week on what the county has announced as its 3 options for the Lowman Beach (formally known as Murray) pump station’s CSO solution. His new website is at As he writes on the site, the next chance for public discussion is the April 21st Morgan Community Association meeting (7 pm, The Kenney), but in the meantime, some of those commenting on our coverage of last week’s meeting had asked how to get involved. In addition to sending official comments to the county (go here), those who are concerned can join an online petition just linked from the website.

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  • Duckitude April 9, 2010 (4:02 pm)

    Hi All: Thank you so much for spotlighting this effort. As noted on the Sound Angels Blog, a vast majority of residents and neighbors in this area want the right solution, which is, so far a bigger and better and possibly more complex solution sited in Lincoln Park. As you know, the Parks Dept. Southwest Offices are in Lincoln Park and so well-hidden that many folks don’t even know they are there.

    Notably, I and most of the many people that have already signed a similar hardcopy petition distributed by my neighbor, Jim Coombes, feel that our representatives at all government levels WILL listen to the “will of the people.”

    Honestly, so far, KC’s process of brainstorming and vetting what residents really want has been dismally inadequate. If they want the right solution, the one that has a future, the one that won’t be obsolete on the day of completion, the one that will be big enough to really deal with CSO events at Barton and Murray Pump Stations (practically none of which are less than 1 million gallons per event), then they need to rely on us to get the government agencies and all our representatives on the right page. No Band Aids! No Quick Fixes! Future-Oriented and Quality Solutions for the Sound and the Neighborhood!

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