West Seattle Crime Watch: Car break-in at the park, and more

We’re writing this as the Admiral Neighborhood Association Crime Prevention Summit wraps up – no big headlines but more than 50 people are here, connecting with each other to talk about Block Watches, and hearing police share lots of good prevention info you can’t hear often enough. There’s also a plan for quarterly meetings to keep the focus on crimefighting (separate from the regular monthly ANA meetings). More details later. First, we have several Crime Watch reports to share from around the area – starting with a vehicle break-in at a popular park – read on:

From Joe:

Just had our truck broken into today at Lincoln Park south parking lot. This occurred between 1:05p – 1:25p. Broke out the back window of the truck and stole a purse that was hidden under the seat.

We immediately searched area since it was such a short time window and saw toothless (apparent druggie) person carrying milk carton with plastic bag and black strap hanging out. Most likely the purse. He walked up a driveway of a well known trouble house (according to officers) across from the middle of the north parking lot. I said “excuse me” to the man and he looked at me and walked quickly around the side of the house. This person is apparently a known thief according to officer. That’s all the info I have at this point.

Heidi reported another car break-in, which happened last week:

We should have reported this to you sooner, but I have been notifying my neighbors in the Sunrise Heights neighborhood near where we live. On Wednesday our car (parked in our short driveway) was entered sometime during the night. There is a good chance that the door was left unlocked, because we didn’t have any sign of a forced entry. They stole our GPS that was being stored in the arm rest and a car charger for an IPhone. All toys, kids books and paperwork were left behind. They left the passenger side door open and so the car was soaked from the overnight rain. Just wanted others to be aware that some thieves are in the area.

Susie reported another egging, early Sunday morning:

(38th. Ave. SW & SW Dawson [map]) It is 12:11 am. At midnight, someone threw an egg at my front door HARD. If it had been a window, it would have broken.

And since we’ve got some readers in and near South Park, we’re sharing this report sent by Anne:

3/28/2010, at around 10 p.m., a neighbor’s house was broken into and his possessions and his puppy were stolen.

The house is on South Donovan Street between 7th South and 5th South in South Park.

He arrived home about 11 p.m. His window was broken into, his electronics were stolen as well as his guns which are registered and his ammo, and his chocolate and white male pit bull puppy.

The puppy is small enough to pick up in your arms. The owner called the police and he is offering a reward.

If you think you may have seen the puppy, please contact the police.

9 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Car break-in at the park, and more"

  • coffee March 30, 2010 (8:48 pm)

    Which brings up something that is not talked about much, but Microchip your pets!

  • Yumpears March 30, 2010 (8:50 pm)

    If anyone is missing an older blue Honda, there is one that appears to be abandoned on the SE corner of 47th and Alaska.

  • marty March 30, 2010 (9:00 pm)

    Report cars parked over 72 hours here: http://www.seattle.gov/police/forms/Abandoned_Vehicles.htm

  • mikeHLandPark March 30, 2010 (10:54 pm)

    re. Dawson Egging.

    about 4 years ago I lived very close to the dawson location and had my car egged too. I wonder if whoever did it is still lurking around that area after all these years.

  • Lucky in N.A. March 31, 2010 (7:49 am)

    I live in North Admiral and have left my car unlocked, windows down (sometimes overnight) parked on the street. I have left my keys on the key hole of our front door and sometimes my garage wide open during the day. Sometimes my kids’ bikes stay behind at our front yard, sometimes the baby stroller. Nothing has been taken but I know I need to be more careful because we have been lucky but there are people out there taking stuff is not theirs.

  • bebecat March 31, 2010 (10:01 am)

    It does not matter what neighborhood you live in. These people are out there looking for an opportunity. In 1989 I moved into a new condo on Beach Dr. I had work for years to live in a great neighborhood. I met my new neighbor from California. His motto was “Do unto others before they do unto you” In other words lock everything up leave nothing in your car and get a car alarm even in a security garage. I thought he was a negative person. Then 6 mos. after I moved to this great neighborhood 2 people were shot point blank in their heads right across the street from my condo. One died and the other lost an eye. Bikes were stolen out of our secured garage. Today in 2010 I totally understand the agressivness of my former neighbor to protect his property as he knew what we had not seen here yet.

  • tincanrocket April 1, 2010 (4:43 pm)

    crime is everywhere. pay attention, be proactive and look out for your neighbor just the same. if we all do this, the thieves will have their work cut out for them.

  • Monty April 4, 2010 (9:16 pm)

    I had my car broken into near the fish and chips near salty’s around 5:30pm on 4/4/10. Where else can I get info on any other break ins found items if the theives ditched my stuff. Well over $500 of stuff.

    • WSB April 4, 2010 (9:24 pm)

      First, be sure you’ve reported it to police. They find loot all the time, when arresting suspects OR if it turns up somewhere, but if you haven’t reported it, they can’t match it to you. Second, please send me a separate note on this and I can post a separate report, which helps raise awareness – this story is a couple weeks old and few people will see a new comment posted here (I wouldn’t see it except that it’s our site so we are notified of new comments no matter where they land) – Tracy (editor@westseattleblog.com)

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