West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 vandalism cases, 1 a church break-in

CRIME WATCH REPORT #1: That window-repair work in the Fauntleroy Church (WSB sponsor) nursery wasn’t originally on the church schedule today … until burglar(s) broke in overnight. That’s not all they did; church staffer Jackie Gould says they used the custodian’s tools to break off part of a door latch, ransacked chapel drawers, and opened a fire extinguisher to spray retardant foam all over the hallway, even in a resource room where kids’ art/craft supplies (and other items) were stored:

The burglar(s) also stole small electronics including an iPod belonging to the church’s wedding coordinator. As you might be able to tell from that photo, some footprints were left in the foam in that room; most of the other damage was cleaned up by the time we dropped by at mid-afternoon.

CRIME WATCH REPORT #2: The keeper of the “Ducky Reserve” at Lowman Beach, Ron Sterling, has surveillance video equipment trained on his whimsical display at all times. They’ve caught some unusual sights over the years. This time, they’ve caught an unmistakable case of vandalism destroying/stealing the St. Patrick’s Day display he hadn’t changed over yet. He’s posted about it in the WSB Forums, including a link to video of the incident.

2 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 vandalism cases, 1 a church break-in"

  • onceachef March 26, 2010 (10:45 am)

    Has anyone identified the 2 “#@%-heads” in the “Ducky” incident? Looks like a guy and a girl…just plain stupid and mean…hope they’re caught and taught a lesson.

  • Duckitude March 27, 2010 (9:19 pm)

    Hi: No ID yet, but I plan on keeping up posters while redecorating for Easter. I am pretty sure someone in our neighborhood knows them, but I don’t have the time to knock on everyone’s door. We’ll see if a detective actually gets assigned to this case. For much less damage, they assigned a detective to a previous case that involved two students from Seattle Prep, who not only stole items that were locked down pretty well, but also took some things from my landlord’s car and tried the doors on several other cars on the block.

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