Seattle annexation vote for White Center? Not this fall after all

In late January, we broke the news that Mayor McGinn wanted to pursue a White Center (and environs) annexation vote this fall. Tonight, that plan has changed. This afternoon, the city’s budget boss unveiled the financial analysis that councilmembers had asked to see before considering whether to support the call for a vote – and Beth Goldberg announced, while presenting the analysis today, that the costs would be too high for the budget-crunched city to seek a vote any sooner than fall 2011. Meantime, Burien may fast-track the area instead; more details at partner site White Center Now.

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  • Mark Ufkes March 22, 2010 (12:06 pm)

    Folks from the White Center Homeowners Association attended the Seattle committee meeting last Friday on annexation. The low range estimates from Seattle would add 7 additional police officers,a 5-person gang unit just for the area, an additional community service officer, and a three-person burglary/juvenile unit, making our streets much safer than they are now. And Seattle would add a Medic 1 unit to White Center too. A safer White Center is better for everyone, including Seattle residents in West Seattle, Delridge and Highland Park. Seattle annexation is a smart decision for all concerned. And our property taxes are the same for Seattle as they are for Burien. The only thing Burien has offered is that “everything will stay the same” That is part of the problem, keeping everything the same is not an option and if Seattle does not annex the area, the problems and stereotypes that hold this neighborhood back will remain.

    Mark Ufkes, President
    White Center Homeowners Association

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