West Seattle Crime Watch: Two car break-ins – and a followup

Two car break-in reports to share, one at a local park, one with puzzling loot choices – and a followup on a recent car prowl, with a victim getting some of her stolen items replaced – read on for all three:

From Jana:

My friend’s car (Honda Civic) was broken into at the North Lincoln Park Parking lot around 4:30 today. They stole her purse and GPS system. They must have been profiling – looking for individuals who opened their truck to store valuables while at the park. Be on the lookout! I just moved from Eastlake to West Seattle and I HATE that this is my friend’s first impression of the neighborhood.

And from Zach:

Our car was broken into last night (Friday, Feb. 26th) on the 3600 block of Roxbury [map]. The driver side window was smashed and loose items in the center console taken (including prescription glasses, which is really frustrating). A GPS unit that was in the glove box was not taken, however, and we didn’t have anything else of value in the car at the time (thankfully). Seattle police were notified this morning.

Last but not least – KatherineL shared her story last Tuesday about a bag of groceries stolen from her car near the West Seattle Library after she’d shopped at Metropolitan Market (WSB sponsor); one of the comments was the store staff’s offer to make it up to her, and today, she accepted the offer:

I went into Metropolitan Market today and replaced the groceries that were stolen from my car. Thank you, Glenn and Warren. They were incredibly generous and gracious, even though I warned them I’d had more than a few cookies.


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  • Ms Evelyn February 27, 2010 (11:51 pm)

    I live just above Admiral Way and just about 10 mins or so ago I distinctly heard 4-6 gun shots. It was pretty dramatic, so much so that my cats that were on my bed woke from a sound sleep (which says a LOT!) and were growling and very obviously distressed by it. Heard no sirens responding, but it was quite obvious!!! Very creepy!!

  • Alki Res February 27, 2010 (11:57 pm)

    I also heard what I thought were gunshots about 10-15 minutes ago. Called the cops, they said they had received multiple call regarding the reported gunshots. Said officers were on their way.

    I haven’t heard or seen anything more since then, listening to the scanner now.

    • WSB February 28, 2010 (12:15 am)

      Got a couple reports of this on our Facebook page – been listening to the scanner and haven’t heard anything. There are no medic/aid calls so if they were gunshots, no one hit, at least not reported, so far – TR

  • glocson February 28, 2010 (12:28 am)

    I heard it about 100 feet away or so. Didn’t want to investigate…

  • Ms Evelyn February 28, 2010 (12:38 am)

    Thanks you guys for letting me (and my cats!!) know that it wasn’t just some car back firing or something simple like that. Also, thanks to Alki Res for calling the police on it. Glocson, don;t
    blame you for not investigating it further. Quite smart actually. Let’s hope that is it!

    Goodnight You All!!!

  • another alki resident February 28, 2010 (6:31 am)

    It was fireworks here near Alki! There were a bunch of fireworks that were set off on Admiral way just east of 60th. Woke me up out of a deep sleep!

  • alki resident February 28, 2010 (8:04 am)


  • Jig Dog February 28, 2010 (8:44 am)

    I heard “shots” at about that time (didn’t check the clock) and saw fireworks. From my vantage point they seemed to be somewhere along SW 56th, maybe within a few blocks of Admiral. I hope that’s all it was.

  • Ms Evelyn February 28, 2010 (11:53 am)

    Thanks for the update guys! I would rather know it was fireworks than gun shots…

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