Pigeon Point parking problem relief: Metro revises 125 re-route

For almost two weeks now, we’ve been covering the saga of the 23rd/22nd SW construction-related road closure between North Delridge and Pigeon Point/Puget Ridge. The ripple effects included a bus re-route leading in turn to dozens of lost parking spaces for blocks around. While the homebuilder who has to close 23rd/22nd for sewer-line work had been working with the city for months on a “traffic plan,” and followed all the notification rules, it still all came down without advance neighborhood consultation, and that led to a flurry of action last weekend, including two visits from City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, one including an SDOT entourage. Some changes were made but now there’s word of a BIG change: Metro’s Linda Thielke tells WSB that as of the start of service tomorrow morning, Route 125 will “only use 20th SW southbound between Charlestown and Genesee; it will use 21st when northbound between Genesee and Andover.” That means “more than 50 percent of the parking on the east side of 20th will be restored.” Thielke says this wouldn’t be possible without SDOT agreeing to put in a temporary stop sign on 21st at Andover (photo above; here’s a map). She also says no bus stops wll be affected. We’re checking with SDOT to see if they have taken any other steps. Again, this is supposed to take effect tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

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  • sam February 23, 2010 (2:55 pm)

    that is good news

    has SDOT looked at options to do something about turning left onto Andover from Delridge ?
    as predicted by many (including myself)- there’s been big back-ups. right now, only one car gets through on the yellow, and there are about 5-6 cars waiting to turn. the steady stream of traffic heading north on Delridge doesn’t allow for many left turns, and I’ve seen people make risky moves when trying to turn (like trying to turn left the second the light turns green, before the oncoming traffic starts)

  • Pigeon Pointer February 23, 2010 (3:41 pm)

    That seems like a good compromise to the bus situation going down 20th!

  • WSB Wins Gold! February 23, 2010 (5:52 pm)

    Dear West Seattle Blog-
    Thanks for your coverage of the parking saga.

    WSB brought awareness of the issue, the players and the decision making, and a forum for locals to engage and connect with officials.

    The end result is a more practical plan, that might not have been put in motion without WSB reporting.

    For that, Please step up to the top step on the podium for your Gold Medal-

    • WSB February 23, 2010 (6:20 pm)

      thanks, Gold. We already “won the medal” by managing to be able to do this for a living – a lot of people have started neighborhood news sites around the country but few have yet to win enough community support, collaboration, and local-business advertising to actually make a viable business out of it – and we are thrilled every day.
      One other interesting point about this story, like the totem-pole saga (which by the way supposedly will result in a charging decision soon) – For our part of it, it started with ONE SINGLE E-MAIL FROM ONE SINGLE OBSERVANT PERSON. In the totem-pole story, Lori in Arbor Heights wrote us because her son noticed as they drove by, “Where’d the totem pole go?” In this case, local commuter Pete M e-mailed to wonder about the signs that originally seemed to suggest Delridge itself was closing for six weeks. Resulting inquiries brought out a closure that wasn’t THAT drastic – but drastic enough – and not on ANYONE’s radar because the notification rules are so skimpy. At least two city councilmembers are promising to look into changing that.
      And in both cases, there are active citizen groups that jumped into the situation – the Rotary Club of West Seattle for the totem pole, with sleuthing that no doubt helped crack the case, and the Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council in this one. Way to go everybody! – TR

  • Michelle W February 23, 2010 (6:42 pm)


    Is WSB in touch with the people who put out the detour signs?

    If so, I’d like to make a suggestion: Heading up Delridge, there is a DETOUR sign that says “SSCC” with an arrow pointing south. However, a few hundred feet further is a DETOUR sign indicating drivers to turn left onto Andover.

    I’d like to suggest you move the left-turn DETOUR sign further north. Due to traffic and such, people who NEED to take that left aren’t “notified” of the detour until it’s too late to change lanes and turn left on Andover.

    I think it’d be nice to give drivers more notice. Maybe consider putting a single detour sign after the Skylark.

    Thank you!

    • WSB February 23, 2010 (6:44 pm)

      I’m not sure if the signs are the responsibility of SDOT or the developer but will ask. Originally, when this all came to light two weeks ago, I remember SDOT saying the developer would fix the signs to clarify they were referring to 23rd instead of Delridge … so they must have some role. – TR

  • sun*e February 23, 2010 (7:11 pm)

    I read the WSB at least every day, if not twice a day. I love seeing what’s going on in our community and WSB is always right on it. Also, the comments West Seattlites make can be so entertaining. :) I think we all appreciate having a voice and the ability to share it.

    Thanks WSB!

  • Pete February 23, 2010 (8:14 pm)

    This whole adventure is a great example of what can be done when a neighborhood stands up and fights for what is right. If you are consistent and persistent you can get things done. There were so many Pigeon Point folks involved in dealing with this issue from making phone calls, sending emails, talking with neighbors and just plain community organizing. Look what happens when a community comes together to deal with a neighborhood issue. A big thank you also should go to Tom Rasmussen for his involvement over the weekend in marshalling the folks at SDOT to come out and analyze the situation on a Sunday afternoon.

  • stuck on a bus on 21st.... February 23, 2010 (8:38 pm)

    they make the switch just in time for garbage day tomorrow lol….

  • Leo February 24, 2010 (7:23 am)

    Agree with the comment from Dan on the left turn from Delridge to Andover…..this is another example of total incompetence of SDOT. The light should be changed to allow for time necessary for cars turning left to move more cars in one sequence.
    If they can’t change the light sequesce/timing they need a traffic cop (paid for by the construction company) to direct traffic and allow longer time for the left turn. And it doesn’t matter who is responsible for detour signs….IT IS A CITY RIGHT OF WAY AND SDOT SHOULD MAKE SURE SIGNS MAKE SENSE AND ENSURE TRAFFIC FLOW PROBLEMS DON’T RESULT IN AN INCREASED CHANCE OF ACCIDENTS.

  • sam/ Dan February 24, 2010 (8:24 am)

    yes- just this morning, I saw someone turning left on the late yellow. they almost got hit by a car who decided to run the light heading north on Delridge.
    maybe SDOT will figure out this crazy thing called traffic engineering.
    the only saving grace at morning rush hour is the traffic back-up on the bridge. people stopping so they “don’t block the box” allow people to turn left onto Andover.

  • Bogie February 24, 2010 (8:31 am)

    The left turn from Delridge to Andover isn’t the only one backing up. The left turn at the other end of the detour (at Orchard) backs up also, even though it has a protected left turn light. The light only allows 3-4 cars through (depending on how awake the drivers are). Last night we waited through 3 light cycles before turning. The line was backed up far enough to block the traffic flow on Delridge.

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