“What do gardeners do in the middle of winter?”

Aviva from Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle answers the question …. “PLAN!” Which leads to these announcements she wanted to share (including a survey for you to take, even if you’re NOT a gardener):

Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle has been very busy planning. Based on the 180 responses to a recent WSBlog survey, CH will be partnering with Seattle Tilth to bring some favorite hands-on gardening classes to West Seattle. Other classes will be offered as well in cooking from the garden and tree pruning. In the next few months:

* Cooking Seasonally From Your CSA – Saturday 1/30 2PM – 4PM
* Indoor Seed Starting with Tilth – Saturday 2/20 10AM – Noon
* Traditional Preserving with Lactic Fermentation – Saturday 2/20 10AM – Noon
* Fruit Tree Pruning – Saturday 2/27 10AM – Noon

Several spaces will be reserved in each class for participants who would like to volunteer in place of paying the class fee.

View the entire list. Tilth’s Comprehensive Organic Gardening Class will be offered in West Seattle as well.

[second announcement] A Community Orchard in West Seattle…Just Imagine!

Abundant fruit trees and native edibles…a diverse habitat for wildlife… a pleasant place for people to gather…a demonstration garden of trees and vines which thrive in our climate… classes on fruit tree horticulture and preserving foods…Yes, this could be possible in West Seattle. Does this interest you? Give CH your feedback by answering this quick survey (go here).

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  • Aviva January 13, 2010 (9:56 am)

    I wanted to thank everyone who has answered the survey – what enthusiasm and good ideas. I guess the time is ripe.

    Community Orchards have been popular for decades in England – here is link to one: http://www.chorleywood-orchard.org.uk/

    In the US – Earthworks in Boson has been doing amazing work – http://earthworksboston.org/urbanorchards

    ANYHOW – I am tentatively scheduling a meeting on Sunday, Jan 17th 4-6 to talk about possibilities. It would be an opportunity to share ideas and see if there is enough momentum to make this happen. Place to be decided – I will have it posted here.

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