In court today: Cooper challenge; Admiral assault sentencing

In addition to what’s on the WSB West Seattle Events calendar for today, the King County Courthouse is the site of two court hearings of note:

(From left, Charita Dumas, Joy Anderson, Shelly Williams in court last June; photo by Christopher Boffoli)
COOPER CHALLENGE: According to anti-school-closure activist Chris Jackins, three parents’ challenge to the closure of Cooper Elementary School will be argued at 1:30 pm before Superior Court Judge Paris Kallas in courtroom W-965. In the last round of school closures, Seattle Public Schools closed the Cooper program along with the Genesee Hill Elementary building, moving the Pathfinder K-8 program – long “temporarily” housed at GH – into the Cooper building. Judge Greg Canova denied a motion for summary judgment in the case last summer (WSB coverage here); that meant it would go to a full hearing. Cooper parents Joy Anderson, Charita Dumas and Shelly Williams (shown in the photo above from last June’s hearing on the summary-judgment motion) contend the school was closed without a proper hearing; the district said state law only required hearings for school buildings that were closing, not school programs that were closing in buildings that would stay open.

ADMIRAL ASSAULT CASE SENTENCING: Three months’ work release is the recommended sentence for 23-year-old Jedidiah Doyle. He’s the man arrested after the August Admiral assault (reported here), a pistol-whipping in which Doyle’s gun (for which court documents say he had a concealed-weapons permit) went off once. He pleaded guilty last month to one count of assault. His sentencing is scheduled for 2:45 pm today in Superior Court courtroom E-955. The victim recovered, but according to court documents, he suffered a broken nose and broken facial bones and was left with “stitches in his face that extended from his chin to the top of his head.”

4 Replies to "In court today: Cooper challenge; Admiral assault sentencing"

  • onceachef January 15, 2010 (10:34 am)

    You’ve got to be kidding! This guy pistol whips someone and should get work release??? Hopefully the judge will disregard this “recommendation” and give him some time behind bars….why not give him a lollipop too!

  • rob January 15, 2010 (2:14 pm)

    its beyond belief that someone who assaults another person with a weapon and causes pretty significant injury gets no jail time. pretty unlikely for incarceration to have any deterrent effect if you can do something so awful and walk.

  • Outraged January 15, 2010 (4:06 pm)

    my feelings exactly, NO Jail time is an outrage, this person is a resident of west seattle, its alarming to know that someone this violent is amongst us, and patroning the same establishments as the rest of use law abiding citizens. The victim has LIFE LONG health issues as a result of this incident and this guy just gets to walk away??

  • kazal January 28, 2010 (7:07 pm)

    The Court upheld the School Board’s decision today.

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