West Seattle Weather Watch: Snow Friday night? Stargazing tonight!

(Icy patch at Cloverdale/Fauntleroy Place)
Latest forecast calls for “chance of snow” Friday night. But in the meantime, we still have a frosty week to deal with – the next three nights could drop into the teens, and tomorrow’s high may not even break freezing. If you want to look at it as frozen cup-half-full, this has its benefits: The sky remains mostly clear, and West Seattle astro-expert extraordinaire Alice Enevoldsen is planning to be at Solstice Park (upslope from the tennis courts north of Lincoln Park) by 5-ish to stargaze with anyone interested. (Full details on her Alice’s Astro Info website.)

4 Replies to "West Seattle Weather Watch: Snow Friday night? Stargazing tonight!"

  • Kristina December 7, 2009 (4:59 pm)

    My six year old and I are crossing our fingers at that chance of snow…..ohhhh so much fun!!!

  • Greg Wright December 7, 2009 (8:04 pm)

    I went stargazing, great stuff. Saw Jupiter, Neptune, the seven sisters and almost Uranus! :-)

    Thanks so much Alice, can’t wait for the next time.

  • Alice December 7, 2009 (10:14 pm)

    Thanks Greg. Keep your ear on WSB, Twitter, and my blog for next time. I’ll do it again, but I can’t predict when with the weather we’ve got here.

    I’ll probably put something together for the winter solstice (December 21) – don’t know if I’ll stay long enough for stargazing that night thought. That will depend on if it is clear or not. :)

  • Susan December 8, 2009 (9:55 am)

    I live up this street, and there is a natural spring that runs out onto and across the street creating an icy sheet above the stop sign. It continues and forms the ice pictured in the intersection. It’s quite hazardous for those on foot and in vehicles.

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