Remembering Officer Brenton: West Seattle HS friends gather

Photos and memories are being shared at Pegasus on Alki right now during the event previewed here this morningWest Seattle High School Class of 1988 alums gathering to remember their fellow ’88 alum Officer Tim Brenton, the first Seattle police officer murdered in the line of duty in 15 years. Those at the gathering when we stopped by (along with a couple TV stations) included, from left, Julie Gossard, Pegasus general manager Clara Doray, Rick Antonelli and Eileen de Guzman:

They’re collecting donations for the Brenton Family Assistance Fund (details here) and also have a donation box set up on the Pegasus counter:

Clara said they all used to hang out together in high school, and getting together seemed like a natural thing to do. They’re talking about the possibility of some kind of ongoing memorial, but it’s just in the idea stages right now. Rick told us he first heard the name go by on TV over the weekend – (Officer Brenton was identified at the Sunday afternoon briefing, 17 hours after the shooting) and went online to see if it was the same guy he remembered from high school – finding out it was, they all said, gave them chills. Their gathering is scheduled to continue at Pegasus till 9 tonight.

Meantime, today’s developments in the aftermath of the murder include: The reward is now up to $105,000 (more details on the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild website); the ambush survivor, Officer Britt Sweeney, has asked to return to work (here’s the Central District News story – also, you can join a new Facebook group, Support Officer Britt Sweeney); and, as noted here earlier, the procession route to precede Officer Brenton’s Friday memorial has been announced.

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  • WSEvelyn November 4, 2009 (6:32 pm)

    Wow! What a man. I feel honored that he attended the same High School as I. I cannot express how horrible it feels to have lost this man, a man that I have never met but who has touched so many people’s lives. Some scumbag, who WILL be caught and will pay a price for doing this!

  • J. M. Havner November 5, 2009 (12:37 pm)

    Thank you to all that showed up for our fundraiser.
    All totaled we raised $3100 for Tim Brenton’s family !!!
    Special thanks go out to Elisa Jaffe with KOMO TV’s “Problem Solvers” who donated $1000 !!!
    Thank you Pegasus Pizza for hosting !!!
    Thank you to members of the Seattle Fire Department (Battalions 5 and 7) who stopped by and hung out with us !!!
    Thanks to the public for their support.
    On behalf of WSHS Class of 1988 – THANK YOU !
    J. M. Havner

  • D. McKee November 6, 2009 (8:19 am)

    I am truly sad that this fine man was taken from his family and his community. To his family, God bless you. There is nothing anyone can say that will ease your pain. You are in our prayers.

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