Music is the key for West Seattle guitar teacher Richie Jenkin

Richie Jenkin says there’s two things in the back of everybody’s closet – a guitar and a set of weights. He says that people want to find a way to make the instrument part of their lives and he said that’s why he’s in the business of teaching guitar. Teaching guitar is not his first line of work, but lately it’s his chosen one. As noted here when Richie first joined WSB as a sponsor in August 2008, he’s a trained counselor and has worked with people in recovery from substance abuse. Now, Richie’s at a point in his life where he’d like to put his energy into helping people learn the guitar and improve their understanding of music. While he works with kids as young as six, Richie says more than two-thirds of his students are adults. His average student is someone who has owned a guitar for some time, but needs someone to work with, to get some structure on how to play. As he points out, it’s structure that’s personalized to each student: “I take my teaching seriously. By that I mean that I take the time to prepare for each lesson. I look at what we¹ve been doing; the pace of things; what you want to be learning; your particular way of learning; and what I think is best for a particular lesson to make sure your playing is coming along in a way you can be confident and enthusiastic about. So it¹s not just about showing you something new every week and then out the door. If the music is going to be rewarding, exhilarating and fun, then I better be doing my part to make it so.” Richie’s been teaching guitar for 25 years and he specializes in beginners and intermediate students. He works out of offices at 3618 California SW; best way to reach him is (206) 799-7432.

2 Replies to "Music is the key for West Seattle guitar teacher Richie Jenkin "

  • Sarah December 3, 2009 (2:48 pm)

    I’ve heard so many great things about Richie’s teaching! Now have to dust off that guitar in my closet…

  • Sam December 6, 2009 (11:26 pm)

    I happen to be a student of Richie’s. He really is a remarkable teacher. I’m happy to see him on the WSBlog. I highly recommend him. Guitar lessons would be a great Christmas / Holiday gift.

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