Election 2009: One more Mike McGinn “town hall” in West Seattle

Seattle mayoral candidate Mike McGinn has already had two “town hall” meetings in West Seattle – the photo above is from October 4th at Hiawatha; here’s our story about his first one at High Point Library in September. Today he announced a final round of meetings, including one in West Seattle – 10:15 Saturday morning at the West Seattle (Admiral) Branch Library, 2306 42nd SW. Opponent Joe Mallahan has not had a comparable series of public chats; his last West Seattle public appearance that we know of was the October 8th housing-issues forum at Youngstown Arts Center.

5 Replies to "Election 2009: One more Mike McGinn "town hall" in West Seattle"

  • Meghan October 29, 2009 (7:22 am)

    Darn it, I’ll be out of town. Can someone there do me a favor and ask McGinn point blank: Did you REALLY do a 180 degree last minute flip-flop on your #1 campaign issue (i.e. the tunnel) because of the city council’s vote (which was non-binding and fully expected for months prior), or because there had just been 2 polls published earlier that week showing that a majority of Seattle voters want the tunnel to go forward (after 10+ years of negotiations) and you were falling behind Mallahan in the polls because of your stance? In other words, were you really that disengaged?? Or are you blatantly lying??

  • Ex-Westwood Resident October 29, 2009 (9:52 am)

    You REALLY need an answer to that???
    It’s plain that if he’s willing to switch his stance on the tunnel because of a non-binding vote by the city council, what kind of back bone will he have if the council votes on other issues that he originally opposed (just what those are, who knows, because his one stance and campaign platform has been anti-tunnel)???
    I liked McGinn, even though I totally disagree with his stance on the Viaduct issue and his love-fest with light rail, his caving in to the council on the tunnel totally turned me off on him. He has NO conviction if he gave up that easily, and THAT is something this city DOES NOT need right now!!!

  • Donna October 29, 2009 (9:53 am)

    Looks to be pretty crowded, better get there early.

  • Diane October 30, 2009 (11:36 am)

    the town hall Oct 4 at Hiawatha had about 30 people; I was sitting right behind lady in photo with striped shirt; it was a great forum to ask Mike multiple questions, even have some discussion; I applaud him for having many such forums in the neighborhoods
    it was funny; I started my question to him about the tunnel/viaduct by saying that I am clearly in the minority in WS; I’ve been screaming to tear down the viaduct since 2001; that lady in the striped shirt turned completely around and glared at me; later the man on her left went into long dissertations about the evils of tunnels and love of the viaduct

  • JAT October 30, 2009 (11:40 am)

    I think it’s unfortunate that he’s been perceived to be a one-issue candidate (tunnel) so a softening of his position on a particular issue has created so great a knee-jerk furor that it alienates even his former supporters.

    I hope to go to this event, and after my questions are addressed and if the Great Tunnel Flip-Flop of ’09 hasn’t been already beaten to death (which it surely will be) I’ll ask your point blank question Meghan.

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