West Seattle Junction parking: More 2-hour zones proposed

From last night’s meeting of the West Seattle Junction Parking Project Committee (photo left): 19 months after first word of the parking study in the greater Junction area, SDOT has one more recommendation (besides the announcement two months ago that pay stations would NOT be suggested: The city is now proposing adding 2-hour zones in several spots, including most of California SW between Edmunds and Dawson, 44th SW between Edmunds and Alaska, a section of California north of Genesee, much of 42nd between Alaska and Oregon, the south half of 41st between Alaska and Oregon, and the south side of Alaska between 40th and 41st. In addition, two blocks of 1-hour zones on Alaska between 36th and 38th would be changed from 1-hour zones to 2-hour zones. A rough-draft map was shown at last night’s meeting as well as a West Seattle Junction Association meeting earlier in the day; project manager Dante Taylor says an official version of the map is in the works right now so it can be shared publicly as soon as possible. He told the group that the message emerging from the Junction parking study was a need for consistent time limits on parking – and this would be a way of achieving that. The city found that most people who come to The Junction are there for no more than three hours. This still doesn’t address the major concern of residents in the residential zones along 41st and 42nd between Alaska and Oregon – daytime parking taken up by workers from nearby construction projects, for example – so they remain interested in Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) deployment; the Junction Neighborhood Organization and Junction Association will need to discuss possible boundaries and hours, it was noted. Next step: The proposal is scheduled to be presented at the Southwest District Council‘s next meeting, 7 pm October 7th, board room at South Seattle Community College; more background info is available on the project’s official website.

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  • CMP September 25, 2009 (6:55 am)

    I live on California very close to Rite Aid and have to park on the street since my apartment doesn’t have private parking. Two hour limits aren’t helpful to tenants anywhere south of those three giant condos (I’m drawing a blank on the street name). I really hope the city doesn’t implement this, as it has a very negative impact on those of us that might leave our car parked all day outside our apartments.

  • Sharonn September 25, 2009 (9:26 am)

    Two hour zones on Alaska from 36th to 38th are appropriate, if they are monitored. The real issue there are cars parking on Alaska that are too close to the intersections. One must be half way across Alaska before you see speeding cars about to hit you!

  • KimJ September 25, 2009 (9:32 am)

    I live on California, north of Genesee, and we have very, very limited parking at my complex, with no assigned spots (I think it’s 8 spots for 16 units). Limiting the time would not work up there. For the record, I don’t drive or own a car.

  • InTheSameBoat September 28, 2009 (3:02 pm)

    I live off Alaska between 42nd and California. They just changed the only 1/2 block that was not time delimited as well. So now we have no parking avail as our building is one of the oldest in the area, built in 1918. I’m sure Easy Street is feeling the pain as well since they didn’t set aside parking back when it was developed also.

    Seems like the city favors the income from the new developments and working on it’s way to scrub away the remaining West Seattle old charm and history as there is no plans of restricted parking passes or alternate close (safe/patrolled) parking options. With the car prowling/break-ins and thefts, it’s hard to let yourself park out of your site.

    /vent sorry, it’s been frustrating.

  • Courtney September 28, 2009 (6:32 pm)

    I too live in the block of Alaska between 42nd & California (where a new sign already went up with NO notice to any residents, other than the ticket the same day!)… At least if I paid a fee yearly for RPG zone permit I could have a car and not have to move it every two hours on Saturday. Or rejoin my carpool.

    I guess the city has to find some ways to raise additional revenues, I’m just going to be so sad when I move (which is now sooner rather than later!)

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