“Traffic calming” in and near Fauntleroy: Radar-trailer sightings

If you haven’t passed them yet, note that radar-equipped speed-displaying trailers have shown up in recent days in and around Fauntleroy. The top photo is from the 9300 block of 45th SW (just south of Endolyne Joe’s [WSB sponsor]; map), photographed on Tuesday by Kevin McClintic, who decided to watch a while and see if it seemed to be having any effect:

The posted speed limit is 30 MPH. The average speed before the driver slowed down after seeing the radar speed displayed seemed to average around 32 – 36, with some of the higher speeds running in the high 30s. A couple of 40s, with a 42 being the record while I was watching. I even saw a bicycle coming down the hill at 37.

An interesting observation is that despite the fact there was no traffic officer waiting to write a ticket, the speed display almost always caused a significant slowdown. Even more interesting was that most folks in the low 30s speed range slowed WAY down to about 25 or so, while the faster drivers slowed down to 30 or perhaps 31, or 32.

Less than a mile northeast, we happened onto one this afternoon, on the southwest-bound side of California SW between Fauntleroy Schoolhouse and Fauntleroy Church (map):

In many cases, the speed trailers are in place at the request of neighborhoods and/or neighborhood groups who have monitored speeds and documented a problem, working with the SDOT Neighborhood Speed Watch Programmore info here. The neighborhood group overseeing the area where these were sighted is the Fauntleroy Community Association, whose next meeting is next Tuesday (9/9), 7 pm at the schoolhouse.

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  • MargL September 2, 2009 (4:11 pm)

    We had a couple of these installed on our street in Arbor Heights awhile back. I called SDOT and they said it was requested by a neighbor but there had been a backlog of requests that they were trying to catch up with. So who knows when the request for these may have been made :-)
    I didn’t notice any significant reduction in speed and the annoying kids on dirtbikes still race around the neighborhood – so not sure what it accomplished.
    Do they compile the data somewhere for use later? Publish reports on non-arterial street speeds?

  • coffee September 2, 2009 (4:19 pm)

    I can top that, about 2 weeks ago I was going north on 35th Ave SW and someone passed me and the sign read 61 MPH! Really now, in town???

  • wseye September 2, 2009 (4:29 pm)

    These speed indicators do help with chronic speeding.

  • Fauntleroy rocks! September 2, 2009 (4:34 pm)

    Welcome to the neighborhood SDOT!

  • johnnyblegs September 2, 2009 (4:56 pm)

    Any chance of getting a couple for the WS bridge?

  • Vanessa C September 2, 2009 (5:24 pm)

    Finally, the Fauntleroy Freeway gets monitored!! I have noticed that the speed-signs really do help keep the lead-foot drivers slow down some. Every little bit helps. Thanks SDOT !

  • miws September 2, 2009 (6:33 pm)

    coffee, maybe the driver going 61 MPH was “Hoxley”
    from the latest “Hole Foods” thread trying to get to Cap Hill in 5 minutes! ;)



  • Mike in the Junction September 2, 2009 (7:53 pm)

    How do we get those for our street? I know I am getting older but it really seems that cars are driving way to fast.

  • WSB September 2, 2009 (7:55 pm)

    Follow that link at the end of the story – it goes to a collection of pages includes ones where you can contact the city – TR

  • Tood September 2, 2009 (8:06 pm)

    There is a program the city has which has levels of action, including things like these “your speed is” contraptions and ofcourse motorcycle SPD speed limit enforcement. I had inquired a few years ago about my streets speeding problem. Just can’t recall all of the specifics. Good luck.

  • old timer September 2, 2009 (8:28 pm)

    Why can’t they have a speeder-cam attached, and issue tickets?
    That’s the only thing that MIGHT work to slow people down.
    They are so caught up in their self-important rush to some cell-phone arranged destiny.
    Driving is the thing that’s keeping them from their anticipated bliss.
    Gotta go fast to make the payments on the overpowered rig worth the effort.
    Want to s l o w things down?
    Hit the wallet.

  • nmb September 2, 2009 (9:18 pm)

    The placement of the second one in front of the Fauntleroy Children’s Center doesn’t seem very well thought out. Drivers are going to be concentrating on the speed display, rather than noticing if there are children in the crosswalk immediately behind it (indeed, it even blocks a driver’s view of someone standing at curb, attempting to cross). How about moving it to a safer place, SDOT?

  • Kayzel September 2, 2009 (10:18 pm)

    I’m a practitioner of “35 on 35”. Several pedestrians have been killed on 35th SW since I moved into the neighborhood a short 18 months ago. The mph read-outs help, but I still get flipped off by people going 50+.

  • Dunno September 3, 2009 (7:40 am)

    From the FCLC to the Ferry dock should be no more than 25mph. Meanwhile Admiral from the view point East should be 35mph along with Highland drive hill known to many as Boeing Hill. Lets get it right SDOT.

  • stuscolnik September 3, 2009 (8:27 am)

    Location location location!
    The one by Joe’s was actually facing down hill, as if speeding up the cliff of a hill is a problem. Then some motivated citizen rotated it to confront the cars rocketing down hill. Thanks citizen!

    The one on the crosswalk is nuts.

  • JSteen September 4, 2009 (9:12 am)

    The effectiveness of these speedcheck signs have been documented in several recent government studies – you can find links to many of them at http://www.informationdisplay.com. A recent study conducted by the city of Bellevue WA (which has over 30 speedcheck signs in operation) found they continue to remain effective even years after being installed. I think the nice thing is that they work with out “Big Brother” cameras or the threat of ticketing. Not sure how someone could get a sign to reach 61MPH – most of these signs have a cut off limit so as to eliminate concerns over anyone racing to purposely register high speeds.

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