Water Taxi dock improvements win key approval in permit process

(WSB photo from June 2009)
Though the very existence of the King County Water Taxi has become a campaign issue in the County Executive race, its West Seattle and Vashon services continue chugging back and forth across Elliott Bay multiple times a day, and plans to make the West Seattle run year-round starting next year are still proceeding. As part of those plans, the dock at Seacrest is to be upgraded, with work to be done this fall – replacing the floating wooden dock (shown above) with concrete – and that work has just won approval for “shoreline substantial development” (scroll down to the second-to-last notice on this page); that decision is appealable to the State Shoreline Hearings Board, according to today’s notice. The project still needs construction permits, which are in progress, according to the official city page. Given the county budget situation, we checked with County Council Chair Dow Constantine‘s office – he also chairs the King County Ferry District Board. Reply: “At this point we are moving forward with all plans for service improvements to West Seattle and Vashon until otherwise directed by the Ferry District board. The board will be making several important decisions in the coming months in the budget process.”

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  • wseye August 13, 2009 (2:51 pm)

    I doubt that the work on Seacrest Pier can be done this Fall. That is salmon running time, which makes contruction on the waterfront very difficult to get permitted by the myriad of agencies (and tribes) that have control. It would be better to get a permanent dock built at Jack Block Park next year, regardless. Maybe this is a chance to do that.

  • AJ August 13, 2009 (4:15 pm)

    Was there over the weekend. One of the metal columns has fallen over and leans against the fishing pier. They all seem a little weak in that they sway with rough water and also when the taxi docks.

    Next time you ride the taxi watch how the captain slams it against the dock. Every captain does it a little different but some really put the dock to a test.

    I agree with WSEYE, Jack Block Park might be a be a good option.

    And on a personal note I would like to tell the lady at ALKI CRAB and FISH that making change for the water taxi might get her some customers or at best show she has an idea of good business practice.

  • Aa August 13, 2009 (5:26 pm)

    AJ — you have some good points. However, go easy on “the lady at Alki Crab and Fish.” She had nothing to do with enacting that policy. Besides, she’s a real kick with a wicked sense of humor. I get my coffee there every morning — and usually a laugh or two tossed in for free!

  • Jose August 14, 2009 (1:30 am)

    Hope it does go year-round.
    The Water Taxi is a great way to cross the bay…stress-free, and no parking costs once you get downtown!

  • AJ August 14, 2009 (8:01 am)

    Maybe I should have typed “some return customers”
    Back ground info— We had just eaten there and were going to take the taxi to downtown when we realized that we did not have the proper dollar amount. When my wife went back in to ask for some change the lady was very rude. Maybe she didn’t realize that we were paying customers that had just left.

    Also, I think she bought the business after the water taxi had been running at the dock. Like I said ” I think “

  • Aa August 14, 2009 (8:25 am)

    Nice to have the clarification. I can understand the frustration on your part. Probably fortunately, that particular lady does not own Alki Crab and Fish. She just works there (usually 6-7 days/week, 12-14 hours/day). But I think you’re correct that the new ownership took over after the water taxi had been there a bit.

  • stew minter August 17, 2009 (7:45 am)

    I asked for change one time there to and was denied but she told me that 50000 people ride the water taxi and many many people ask for change every day. I run a bussiness in west Seattle and certainly wouldn’t want to be providing change for everyone to that many people a day. So then I have to go to the bank to get small bills every other day??? Just be prepared aj. You know the saying ” lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”. Just be prepared. It’s very hard to run a small business. Yes I didn’t have change once too but now would never ask without making some kind of purchase. I bought a 1.00 pack of gum.

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